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  • Where the Crawdads Sing – A book review

    Reading a pretty hyped up book has its own disadvantages, mainly the pressure to like it because everyone else did. But did Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens pass the test for me? Let’s get on to the book review shall we? About the book Book Name: Where the Crawdads Sing Author: Delia Owens […]

  • Book review: Camino Island

    Reading and learning new things about the publishing world has been a great interest of mine, as it should be for all book nerds, for a while now. And it might not come out as a surprise that I love a thriller and the good ol’ chase. How would it be if these were combined […]

  • Book review: Come Sundown

    You know what makes a winter night cozier? Hot chocolate? Yeah, that too but more so a romance. It has been years since I read a Nora Robert but I remember seeing Come Sundown on the Amazon top seller list I decided to give it a go. I have read Nora’s books earlier and I […]

  • Book review: The Letter

    My name is not uncommon in my part of the world and quite often I meet new people who share my name. What would you do if you stumble across a letter written to another person with your name? Would not that pique your curiosity? Would you consider that a coincidence or a divine interference? […]

  • Book Review: The Marriage Pact

    I don’t like people telling me to do something that I was already gonna do anyway. I am sure this one would irk everyone. Most of the time, the reinforcement is well meant, but it seldom works in the intended direction. Do you remember the joke about keeping a secret? Warn them not to tell […]

  • Stillhouse Lake by Rachel Caine: Book Review

    Have you read Stillhouse lake by Rachel Caine yet? Do you mind reading books ending with a cliffhanger? Do you watch out for the Amazon best seller list? Let us talk.

  • The handmaid’s tale by Margaret Atwood: A Book Review

    There were several times while I read the book The Handmaid’s Tale that I had to recheck the publishing date. Read on my review.