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  • Bullet journal ideas for books and reading

    Do you use BuJo to track your reading? How do you keep up with your reading challenges? Which is your favorite bullet journal idea?

  • How using Instagram for books and reading changed my life

    Are you on Instagram for books and reading and more importantly, are you following me? And has it affected your reading habits at all, or is it just me? I would love to hear from you, in the comment section. Let us talk.

  • How to write book reviews – a guide

    You have just finished reading a book. Now what? Why not write a book review on your own blog or other sites, so that the author and the other readers might benefit from it? Here is a quick guide on how to write book reviews to help other readers decide whether they should read the […]

  • 2020 and the reading challenges that I signed up

    Happy new year 2020 y’all. I am not sure if it is still cool to talk about “New Year, New me” but I am always excited for a chance to start new. Yes, I am that kid that would try to buy entire set of stationery after every summer break. Of course, never worked, thanks […]

  • Ten weird things bookworms do

    Here is a quick list of the weird things bookworms do as to make the lives of the non bookish people living around us. Then maybe they won’t have to worry every time you burst into tears because a character died.

  • Book covers that made me question my sanity – Part two

    If it were up to us, the bookworms, every book would have a great plot and well written. But sadly that is not the case! And we come across some not so great books often and a few even test our sanity.  Earlier, we came up with some books with ridiculous titles and insane book covers […]

  • Types of unreliable narrators that you should love

    Not too long ago, I shared about my love for unreliable narrators in fiction and I even came out with a list. But recently I had a discussion about these narrators and I realized some of my friends had pretty serious opinions about them as well. And not everyone loves them. Shocking!! It was for […]

  • 2019: What to expect of me?

    What are your goals for the year? Do you have New Year resolutions? Share your favorite blog that I should be following already. Let us talk.

  • How I Choose My Next Read? AKA. Finding A Method To My Madness

    I think I may have a problem.  No not the one with my having a never ending list of TBR books (is that a problem even? Doesn’t everyone have that?) And it is not about feeling guilty about all the book reviews that are pending. But thanks for reminding me of that. And the one […]

  • Let Us Discuss Weird Bookish Habits

    No two bookworms can be same, right? Even if we read similar books and have similar tastes in bookish things, we can’t all be the same, can we? And that is true especially in my case because most of my bookish habits are weird and eccentric.  Tell me how different am I in my bookish […]