Ten Weird Things All Bookworms Do

May 15, 201925 comments

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You do know how weird we, bookworms, usually often sometimes are right? Not all people are suited for the book nerd life but as much as we put up with the muggles in our life, they do with us. So I am gonna write up a quick list about the weird things we do as bookworms. 

Maybe it will make their lives easier, and they will not have to worry every time you burst into tears because a character died. Or complain about your TBR or lack of shelving space for your books when you had just bought a shelf two months ago. 

Here is a quick list of the weird things #bookworms do as to make the lives of the non bookish people living around us. Then maybe they won't have to worry every time you burst into tears because a character died. Click To Tweet

Ten weird things that probably definitely bookworms do in life

10) Bookworms hoard books everywhere

Do I even have to explain more? Despite being on a self imposed book ban for a while now and the fact that the majority of my books are still in India, books are definitely everywhere in the small one bedroom apartment that I currently live in.

Just to dissuade myself from the book buying spree I avoided getting a book shelf for a long time here, and then got the smallest Ikea floating shelf. Well, I should not have even attempted that. Now my books are on the vanity table, coffee table, bed side table, the bed and every other flat surface of the house. 

Weird things bookworms

TL;DR: Be prepared to be taken over by our books. Also don’t buy the small shelves, even if we say it would be enough. IT IS NEVER ENOUGH.

9) Bookworms can read anywhere

Running late for your meet up? Don’t worry about your bookworm, they will be reading a book just at a corner. They maybe angry at you but still they won’t fret much because they will a book or two or ten handy to read while they wait for you.

Weird things bookworms

Be it a holiday, a date, a party or even a movie, we are bringing our books and the Kindle with us. Do not attempt to stop us.

8) We complain about our never ending TBR list

If you are new to the bookish world, TBR means To Be Read and any sensible bookworm will have a long ass list of books they ought to read some day in the future. Usually the list is long enough for them survive without having to talk to any other human until the apocalypse.

Weird things bookworms

And of course, we are gonna complain about the number of books waiting to be read and how we do not have space to hoard stack the books. Get used to it, for your own safety. 

7) We do not stop buying books

Despite the space issue and the number of unread books, we are never gonna stop buying books. And we will visit the library often, even borrow books from other friends. And you would think all these would reduce our book hauls. 

But you would be wrong. We are bookworms and book shopping is what we do. 

Weird things bookworms

6) And multiple copies of the same book!

Okay this is a truly weird one. But TRUE!

Many of us buy multiple copies of the same book sometimes. There have been times I loved the e-copy of a book so much that I ended up buying the physical format just to savor them again.

And I know of other bookworms who buy a paperback and a cloth bound and/or hardback because we love owning pretty things. We are humans, too!

5) Adaptations are scary and exciting

Every time a movie or television adaptation of a book I love is announced I am scream with excitement and then cower with fear. It is almost akin to risking to lose someone special. 

What if they change the storyline? What if they massacre the character arc or just cut off an entire character? I mean the fears are real. But if and when the movie hits the screen and it turns out to be good, our excitement has no bounds.

Weird things bookworms

We will be right with you telling how it was in the book, while watching it.

Again we can’t help ourselves, YOU need to be more understanding.

4) We will totally judge what you read

We may tell you that it is great as long as you read, no matter what. But you may not have noticed that we had our fingers crossed.

We will totally, truly and repeatedly judge you based on what you read.

Maybe not in a bad way, but we size up your interests, taste and preferences on everything else based on your taste in books. Basically we are using books to typecast you. It may sound wrong, but it is mostly not. 

Weird things bookworms

I give up, it is something we should not be doing. But we do.

3) Measure time and distance in terms of books

Did I say we judge a person based on the books and it sounded totally wrong? Well, this may soften the blow. We use books as denomination to measure time and distance as well. 

How far is the next metro station? Oh it is close by, I read just one chapter in The Bell Jar.

Weird things bookworms

Do you wanna go to that party? I can finish reading a whole book instead. 

Well, you see how it goes? 

2) Recommending books

Bookworms read a lot of books. They discuss a lot about them. Their whole life is consumed by books. So of course they can recommend you a book when you ask of them. 

That is where you are wrong.

Bookworms simply can’t recommend A BOOK. They give you a list of books that you should read and why you should read them all. And then follow up with the things that you should watch out for while reading each of them. And then opens the book for you and reads along with you.

Okay now you would have realized that you may have made a mistake.

1) Do not ask to choose favorites

I repeat. DO NOT ask a bookworm to choose a favorite author or favorite book. 

More often than not, they would be so overwhelmed that they forget their name. There are so many thousands of books to be read, hundreds of books they have read, hundreds that they are hoarding and you ask them to choose one? STOP IT!

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Weird things bookworms

Let us chat

Do you do any of these weird things as a bookworm? Did I miss anything else? Do you have reading ritual? Share your eccentric quirks with us. Let us talk

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  1. Ivyclad Ideas

    I don’t judge what people read (you do you, y’know?) but yes to EVERYTHING ELSE on this list. :’)

    • Gayathri

      I totally get it!

    • Gayathri

      We totally do that!

  2. Whispering Stories

    The only one I don’t do it have multiple copies of the same book. I don’t think I have any copies out of my hundreds of books I have.

    • Gayathri

      I don’t do it as well, but only for want of space. I would totally do it if I could afford it.

  3. Jennifer

    Totally true

    • Gayathri

      Yay !

  4. Robin Taylor

    🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ I confess.

  5. Sam@wlabb

    I am guilty of 8 of these, maybe 9 (I try not be be too judgmental). I was sitting there today, going through the publisher catalogs on EW, adding a 2020 books to my TBR. It’s a sickness, I say.

  6. DJ Sakata

    Guilty as charged!

  7. Nora Elerî

    Number 10 is soooo accurate! I remember getting a box of used books (I had to order more because I would pay shipping regardless but always the same no matter how many books .. so more books less shipping per book = logic!) and they used a, admittedly very large, box. And I had gotten a few books a week or so before that. And my mom watched me a few seconds and then told me she was worried because that was the second box I got in a week. I started talking about how they’re second hand, I’m good with money yad yada ya .. and she just says and I quote: ‘I know. I’m not worried about the money. I’m worrying about your breathing space’ with the most serious face ever ^^

    And you’re spot on with the others as well. I’m guilty of not stopping to buy books/buying multiple copies, too. Oh and I measure money in books. Like: I could’ve bought two hardcovers and one paperback with that money instead ..

    Also, sorry for the loooong comment

  8. Laura Thomas

    LOL All of this is so me too! My house has books on every surface and I still want more. And I do buy the same book in more than one format. eBook for when I’m out and about, physical copy because, well, gotta have it. And audible to see if I like that even better. LOL

  9. Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookworms

    Oh LOL, this is so true, Gayathri! And funny 🙂 I need more shelves all the time – and my husband doesn’t understand that I think the fireplace should go to make more room for my books 😀
    Have a fantastic Friday!

    • Gayathri

      Me too!

  10. Ara @ Open Pages

    I feel super called out right now. Is it weird that I love it?

    • Gayathri

      Thank you!

  11. Stéphanie

    OMG this is so accurate! ^^’

    • Gayathri

      We share a lot of these traits then.

  12. Debjani

    1, 2, 8, 9 😀 I do these a lot.

    • Gayathri

      I do them a lot too.. High Five!

  13. Rasya

    Agree 100%! And may I also add using anything as bookmarks; money, receipts, paper clips etc. or is it just me lol

    • Gayathri

      Yes, I do that too!



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