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  • Review shots: Little Boys in Classics

    Do you remember a while ago I made a decision to focus on reading more classics this year? Well, I am definitely sticking to it, more or less. I am happy to announce that there are 7 classics of the 28 books I have read as on date. It seems to me that reading them […]

  • Review Shots: Middle Eastern Tales for children

    Remember my post about how I never got to read many Middle grade books when I was younger? It is time to change that, thanks for all the children’s books that I get to review on my blog. I am happy to say that I am enjoying the chance. Thanks to Medina Publishing, Middle East […]

  • A raccoon, a chicken house, and trotters of Tweeville – Reading Children’s books

    You know don’t always read that children or middle grade books. But then I didn’t have access to many of those growing up. But of late I have been sent quite a number of them for review and it has been an adventure. They make up for a great change in scenario between adult and […]

  • Book review: Here and gone

    I like jumping into the books without reading much about them. I try not to read the blurb before I pick a book up if I can help it. I did read the plot summary on its blurb before I received this book for a review, a while ago but had completely forgotten what I […]