How to hide Pinterest images from your post? (Blogging solutions)

How to hide Pinterest images from your post? (Blogging solutions)

I love Pinterest. Not just for saving ideas or recipes to try out later, but also for my blog. I am not sure how much traffic that has generated for me yet but it definitely has. 

Like everyone around here I caught with the Pinterest train when it came out. But I used it mostly for personal stuff like saving for holiday decor or a hairstyle that I wanted to try out for an occasion. 

While I knew about group boards that worked well for so many bloggers, I was reluctant to join them because well I am majorly a book blogger and many of my posts are going to have a book cover as its feature image. That may not be so attractive to the other bloggers. So never joined them. 

But then I joined some amazing group boards that are mainly for book bloggers and here I am pinning away to glory. If you are not following me yet on Pinterest, ensure you do right away. 

Now that I have established I like Pinterest, though not as much as Twitter, I still hate having to navigate those atrociously huge images in a post. Especially when you have more than one Pinterest size image. There I said it. 

For the uninitiated, the recommended Pinterest image size is 735px X 1102px according to Canva, which is definitely huge. I know some of us dislike seeing too many GIFs in blog posts but imagine having to see these humongous images. 

What if I say you don’t have to see them at all? In fact all my posts have a pinnable image or two, but they are never visible when you scroll down the post. And it is definitely not difficult.

What am I talking about?

Let us for example take my post “Plot holes: Watch out for these inconsistencies!” and I have added one image which I have shared on Pinterest as well. 

Pinterest images
Post with Pinterest image

Don’t you think the is disrupting the reading experience? Imagine when I have 2-3 images of this size in 500 word post. I find them very intrusive. 

However, if you scroll through my post you will not find that huge ass image bothering you at all.

Pinterest images
Post with pinnable image hidden

That is what, my friend, I mean by hiding a pinnable image. 

Why do I have to hide the Pinterest images?

  • I want to keep my posts looking neat and crisp.
  • I sometimes have more than one pinnable image for each post.
  • My pages load faster, despite the image dumps.

How do I hide the pinnable image?

Step 1: Add the image in your post like you would usually do.

Pinterest images

I am using Classic editor on WordPress, but this works on Gutenberg on WordPress and Blogger draft as well. 

Step 2: Next go to edit mode (HTML on Blogger)

Pinterest images

Step 3: Find the relevant code of the image you are trying to hide. It looks like this. 

Pinterest images

Step 4: Here comes the important part. Add this handy code.

<div style=”display: none;”> IMAGE CODE GOES HERE</div>

It will look like this after you do.

Pinterest images

That is it.  

If you switch back to visual mode, the picture will blocked as below. 

Pinterest images

Save and publish the draft. You are good to go. Don’t worry, all the other images and GIFs will be still visible and can be pinned if you still want to. 

You can still add the blog images from your site to Pinterest like you do usually. 


Pin the image directly from your post (here Plot holes: Watch out for these inconsistencies! ) using the Pinterest button on a social sharer.

Pinterest images


Click Save from site on the Pinterest website and add your link there. 

Pinterest images

Either way you will find this Pinterest image ready to be pinned. And if you click on it, you will be directed to my post, like you would expect.

Now you will be able to share as many images as you want from your posts, but without pesky images bothering your readers. 

(Psst.. There is a pinterest image hidden in this post as well. Just try clicking the pin button here)

Let me know if you tried this on your blog. Do you want to see these small yet handy solutions for your blog? Feel free to ask me if you have any doubts. 

Pinterest images