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  • Elevation by Stephen King – A book review

    How much does an author’s name influence your liking or disliking of a book, consciously or otherwise? How far would you go before it changes your opinion? And I got to finally pick up Elevation by Stephen King, who is one of my favorite authors. Read ahead to see how it worked out for me! […]

  • A Stephen King’S Character I Love (To Hate): Norman Daniels

    Dani from Perspective of a Writer gave us a prompt to discuss my Favorite Stephen King Character for the week.¬†As most of you all might guessed that it is for the love of the King of horror that I jumped on to post for this meme. Let us get on to this shall we? While […]

  • Happy Birthday Stephen King!

    My relationship with the King of Horror has not been smooth. I read my first King, Gerald’s Game when I was about twelve. Yes, yet another of those books I had laid my hands when I was not supposed to.

  • Book review: Forsaken

    Who in their right mind would reach out for a horror novel when they already know that they are not sleeping well at night? Who chases witches when they are being haunted by demons in their own nightmares? No one, except yours truly I suppose. But again how does one let go off a chance […]

  • Rose Madder by Stephen King: A book review

    Have you read Rose Madder by Stephen King? What other King books have you read and which one blew your mind away? Let us talk.