#writealoveletter: A new series

elgeewrites #writealoveletter: A new series SeriesThere are times in life it seems you can’t do anything right. Then one fine day all of a sudden you can’t just stop writing. Thanks to you my dear motivators (by that I mean, the ones who wield clubs and bats and run behind us for our entries – oh what would we do without them), who gave us a seasonal prompt and even tried to lure us with prizes, I found a topic to write about. 

My love towards Hyperbole and a Half and Allie Brosh’s blog as such is not a secret and I cannot think of anything closer to truth than these images now. Yes CBC gave me a topic to write one post and I ended up creating a series. Thanks to Deepak, hereon officially my not-so-secret design guru, for the brilliant cover design

elgeewrites #writealoveletter: A new series 2elgeewrites #writealoveletter: A new series 1


Introducing #writealoveletter series here at my blog, that would be running as a weekly feature for the month of February – you got the flow right? Watch the space for the letters to real and imaginary people out, starting this week.
What can you do? Pick up your pen and notebook, oops.. type in your letters to your loved ones, right now, mail it us with #writealoveletter and I will feature yours in the series. You can post your letters on your blog and leave a link in the comments section and use the #writealoveletter to spread the word.


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