#100daysofbookquotes: Quote week: 7

Here is a quick recap for the week that we call Week 7.
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“My idea of good company…is the company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.’ 
‘You are mistaken,’ said he gently, ‘that is not good company, that is the best.” 
― Jane Austen, Persuasion
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“You realize that our mistrust of the future makes it hard to give up the past.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Survivor
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“I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.” 


― Groucho Marx


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Two people who were once very close can without blame or grand betrayal become strangers. Perhaps this is the saddest thing in the world.
― Warsan Shire
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“Love in action is a harsh and dreadful thing compared to love in dreams.” 
― Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Brothers Karamazov
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“he was loved for not being Simon more than he had ever been loved simply for being himself.”
― Nick Hornby, About a Boy
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“I felt something loosen in me, that shouldn’t have loosened. A stitch come undone.” 


― Gillian FlynnDark Places


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  1. Lilyn George

    Those are some good quotes.

    Most of my favorites tend to be snarky and/or outright insults. There’s a KSR line that made me cackle. I can’t remember it word for word, but it was something like “Your mind is like the rings of Saturn – a million miles wide and an inch deep.”

    A single good quote can make a book in your mind, I think.

    • Gayathri

      I agree. There is a quote from the Grown up of Gillian Flynn that is something like ‘you are sad means you have too much time in your hands.’ That is one quote I will always remember when I talk of the book.


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