2018 Resolution: How I failed already!

I know it is that time of the year! New year and resolution fevers are everywhere. As I keep telling you December is my second favorite month because of the festive season and I start being all hyper right from the November end. I mean who would not be so, except maybe Grinch.


But seldom life let’s us to what we want right? I start out with great rigor and somehow that slowly fizzles out. Does it happen anyone else too? More or less, the following incident happens every year.

December 1st (8 AM):
Time for new resolutions! New year! Yay, excited (Grinning)

Dec 11th (8 PM):
Why have not I come up with a resolution yet?

Dec 17th (7 PM):

No problemo, I got it covered, 14 days more to choose one. Thankfully, I am not one of those “Perfect”s. I can choose many things to change.

Dec 25th(11 AM):
Oh my god! Just a week away, I am yet to decide on my New Year Avatar. As everyone else, I can improve myself if I use this resolution fever. Maybe if I just focus on my shortfalls, I can find it.
(11. 10AM):
Woohoo, Kungfu Panda on TV.. I will choose one right after the film.

Dec 27th (7 PM):
I have to choose one right now. NO PROCRASTINATION. Ok right after the ice cream that I have to search in the fridge.

8 PM:
Ice cream and the phone call.
9 PM:
Ice cream, the phone call and the Film.
11 PM:
Ice cream, the phone call and the Film and the urm… other stuff.. But it is now too late to think and I am tired too. And to think of future one needs to be in an energetic mode.

Dec 30th (6 PM):
After many days from the day that I decided to think on the topic and 1000 times questioned, I have to find the one resolution out. (I am putting on my thinking face)
(6.02 PM):
Hey why dont I see what resolutions my friends have posted on Facebook! I will get better ideas!

(9.02 PM):
Seriously this idea is not working. Maybe I should ask them. And do not think I would choose to while away time by speaking to them, I will text them. I have a mission in hand, I wont focus on chatting with them.
(11.02 PM):
%*&$# these guys are of no use. Wasting my time. There went my two hours. Maybe today is just not my day.

Dec 31st 2012 (9 PM):
No more Facebook, No more Mobile. I am putting them away.
(Donning my Thinking face yet again)
ME: How about hitting the gym?
My alter ego: How many times have you had that resolution and have broken it?

ME: Ok forget it. How about going Vegan?
My alter ego: Think about all the cakes in the world
ME: How about..
My alter ego: Forget that, You would not keep up.

ME: I had not even completed saying it!
My alter ego: I can read your thoughts, right? Why do you think of “me me and only me”? It is time you tried to make adifference in the world.
ME: Wow! Ok, how about.. how about.. why cant… (falls asleep)

Jan 1st:
Every other earthling to me: Happy new year! So what is your resolution?
Me to Others:
Resolutions? ME? Just what are you implying? That I need to change? Well Buddy as far as I am concerned, I am perfect the way I am!
elgeewrites 2018 Resolution: How I failed already! cal
Didn’t I say Calvin is my soulmate?


  1. Daniela Ark

    hahaha this cracked me up! Yup I’m like that too that’s why I “start” the process in November so I can achieve “something” LOL and No you don;t need to change! You are wonderful the way you are πŸ™‚

    • Gayathri

      Starting in November for the year end makes so much sense. That way the chances of being successful are much better than.

    • Gayathri

      Well, I prefer making resolutions and then giving up totally. I mean why miss a chance to disappoint myself?

  2. Kristina

    awww xD well hey, no resolutions means you cannot fail them.. right ? πŸ˜˜β€‹

    I did put somes on my blog but ermmh… not going well so far x)

    • Gayathri

      That is the way we roll! πŸ˜›

  3. Andreea

    This was such a great post – I am still laughing!

    I have a hard time making resolutions too, I usually go for list of things to accomplish and I make one every year on my birthday (I don’t follow rules, ok?).

    • Gayathri

      As long as you keep up your resolutions, you can make them any day right?

  4. Zuzzi Na

    This is just brilliant! Love it and can totally relate to it.

  5. Megan @ Ginger Mom

    This is perfect! So accurate!

  6. Alisha Webster

    yessss me too. My only real goal is to be happy this year haha

  7. Ankita Singh

    I love this! <3

  8. Rachel Poli

    I absolutely love this! I think this is great. My “resolutions” for this year was for certain projects that I hope to have done by the end of the year. But I’m trying to be more social and have more of a life too.

    • Gayathri

      I can understand how the whole blogging and being everywheere on the internet can suck in one’s whole life, but hey I don’t have to worry about that. My books and I don’t really have a social life πŸ˜› All the best to your projects and having a life.

  9. Stacey

    My only resolution was to have a more fun year than last year. That’s it.

    • Gayathri

      That is the best thing to do!

  10. DJ Sakata

    Genius! I continue to covet your mad skills

    • lilkadykitty

      However, if I were to do any. I would like to keep my blog schedule going.

  11. Mandi Schneck

    Haha I love this! I feel like New Years Resolutions are sometimes just unneeded extra stress!

    • Gayathri

      Exactly. I had been thinking only about resolutions yet didn’t finalize any.

  12. Aparna

    RelatableπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚Good one!

  13. Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

    Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜† I feel like this sometime too.. especially when writing blog posts πŸ˜‚

  14. Jenn @ Bound to Writing

    This is the perfect post to describe the thought process behind resolutions. Thanks for making me feel like I’m not alone!

    • Gayathri

      Thankfully I am not alone too.



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