Book review: They Both Die at the End

They both die at the end

What would do if you get to know you have about 24 hours before you die? Would you make your peace with it and get on with it? Would you amend your ways and be the best version of yourself? 

Set in the near dystopian future, a company is capable of forecasting one’s death. I know the whole thought of learning about death beforehand is creepy and too much for me. Read ahead to see how They Both Die at the End turned out to be.

They both at the end

Book Name: They Both Die at the End
Author: Adam Silvera
Genre: Fiction – Fantasy, Young Adult, LGBT
Characters: Mateo Torrez, Rufus Emeterio, Lidia Vargas, Aimee Dubois, Tagoe Hayes, Malcolm Anthony
Setting: New York, The USA

Mateo is an introvert and is worried about everything he never got to do in this life. Mateo decides that he will stay inside his house after saying his final good bye to his comatosed father. Rufus Emeterio is reckless and a survivor. He has a long list of people to say goodbye to but these things are never easy.

Mateo Torrez and Rufus Emeterio have almost nothing common between them except that they both are going to die sometime during the following day. They have received the calls from the dreaded Deckers informing him of their imminent deaths, thanks to the Deathcasters.

They meet each other through an app called “Last Friend”, designed especially to help meeting of people who have received their ‘End Day’ calls from the Deckers. Together they seek their respective closures and bare their souls before they could say the final good bye. Yes, they both die at the end (at this point, it is not a spoiler, it is the freaking title!).

Adam Silvera’s writing style is full of witty dialogues and more than everything, his YA characters talk like one. They don’t launch into lengthy monologues about nerdy things (I am looking at John Green’s teens). I loved the linear story arc and the alternate POVs worked so well.

They Both Die at the End is the first book of Adam Silvera I have read and I should say everything I have heard about his books is true. They are fun, hardly depressing (even though it talks about death – a lot), and has the right amount of heart break (dude, They Both Die at the End). And I will definitely not shy away from reading his books hereon.


    • Wow, that is great to hear. I am so happy that you got to meet him. I would have freaked out about meeting someone as famous as him.

  1. That title is kinda funny. I like it and seriously want to get it just based on the title. On a totally different note, I keep meaning to ask you how the Bullet Journaling is going? I’ve pretty much just settled on Google for my stuff because it’s too easy to have it all on my phone, but some days I miss writing things down.

    • I did the same, ie, I picked it up based on the title only. I am so depended on the Google sheets and Wunderlist that I can’t put anything on paper and pen.

  2. I got this book too but I have yet to read it – although I really want to now after reading your reviews! Heard so many great things about Adam Silvera and I am really excited to read his writing too!

  3. I SO need to read an Adam Silvera book! I’ve only heard amazing things about his books and I really need to take the plunge. This sounds like a really sweet book even if they both die at the end. Fantastic review Gayathri! 🙂


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