With You I Dance: A Book Review

How far would you go further when you have realized that your dreams are shattered? What if it were the one thing that kept you alive and kicking? Would you forgive yourself if you were the only one that was responsible for your fall? Read my book review of With you I Dance by Aarti Raman to know more.

About With you I Dance

With You I Dance by Aarti Raman book review

Book Name: With You I Dance

Author: Aarti V. Raman

Genre: Fiction – Romance

Characters: Meera, Zoya, Abheer

Setting: India

Disclaimer: I received this book from the FingerPrint Publishers free of cost in return for an honest review.

Plot summary of With you I Dance

Meera Sagar had nothing to do but to return back to India after an on stage debacle during her very first performance as a principal ballerina at New York. She is failing at resisting her parents’ attempt to get her married and settled, as any typical Indian family would want to, but she has a larger problem at hand. She isn’t able to dance anymore.

Enter Abheer and Zoya, who trust her dreams and give her a lifeline to save herself. Does she or rather can she? Read With you I Dance by Aarti Raman to find out.

Book review of With you I Dance

Sometimes you get tired of chasing the serial killers, apocalypse and paranormal creatures in books, that all you want to do is pick a chicklit and curl up in a corner of your bed.

Well, I did.

Yet I was also dreading to take that risk after the few fiascoes I survived on this genre. Thankfully my fear was unfounded. I liked the author’s writing and the easy pace of the story, by which I mean there were no extraneous twists and turns just for the heck of it.

Though I had no affinity towards the protagonist Meera (rather felt irritated with her, more on that follows), I did like the feisty, helpful yet no nonsense Zoya better. Abheer is definitely drool worthy but I hated that he was not given his due, by both Meera and the author. That brings on my personal rant over the protagonist, Meera.

I do understand her flightiness and her trying to be independent and self-standing etc but it didn’t work its magic on me. I personally hated her double standards and disrespect to everyone else’s feelings and lives. But you know what, it is long since I have felt something for a character – be it good or bad. Kudos on doing that, Author Aarti.

I liked the overall easy pace and positivity throughout the story, even after all that is lost. I liked the flawed characters and realistic storyline.


Pick With you I Dance by Aarti Raman up if you want to read an easy romance that doesn’t ask you to pawn your brain and grammar for a storyline.

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