Navaratri And A Better Weather: Sunday Musings #58

The weather is finally getting better and the summer is finally receding. With the heat and humidity are slowly falling back, I am getting back to my routine, of sorts. 

So today marks the first day of Navaratri or Dussehera, a 9 day Hindu festival. We usually arrange dolls made of clay and wood, which have been usually passed on in the family for generations. Well, another thing that I will be missing out on, staying away in a different country.

What I read this week

I read two books last  week and I FINALLY GOT OVER MY READING SLUMP. So that is a good news I guess.

  • Vices/Virtues by Beatrice De Soprontu
  • The Bookish life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman

I am currently reading What you did by Claire McGowan. I have heard mixed reviews about this one, so I am holding my judgement until I finish it.

What I watched this week

I am slowly catching up with all the series that I had missed during my holidays. 

  • Stranger things Season 3 – What? How did it end so soon? Okay I didn’t love it, but it wasn’t bad either. It was better than season 2, I guess.
  • Cable Girls Season 4 – I liked that a main character returned but it wasn’t as good as the last season. 

I watched Crawl during the weekend and enjoyed watching it, surprisingly. 

And did anyone actually like “In the shadow of the moon” on Netflix? I loved the premise but the film as a whole was a big meh for me. 

On my blog

In case you had missed any of my posts from last week, here is a quick recap

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Let us chat

So what was your week like? What are you reading currently? Let us talk. 


  1. ST3 – hmm, I watched it in bits and pieces as my kids watched it and I was not as impressed too..
    Navratri is easily my favorite festival – because of the dolls (even more than Diwali inspite of all the sweets that come with that one and my huge sweet tooth) so I know how you must be feeling not being able to celebrate it fully.. thankfully, for me, being in the bay area in California, I can still celebrate it and my kids now want to make sure we keep the golu every year..
    vidya recently posted…13 National Book Award Winners for Young ReadersMy Profile

  2. I felt the same way about Stranger Things 3. Didn’t entirely love it but still nice to have it back. 🙂

    Sorry you’re missing being able to celebrate Navaratri at home! that would be hard I would think.

    Hope your week is nice.

  3. I haven’t heard of ‘In the Shadow of the Moon’ but Stranger Things was good imo. Have you seen ‘Unbelievable’? It’s about a girl who is raped but the police officers don’t believe her story and they mentally and emotionally abuse and mind ‘rape’ her as well. It’s tough but I binged watched both seasons because I wanted to find out what happens to the girl. I was satisfied. It was recommended. Are you able to read ‘It’ with me? Just curious. No obligation to.


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