Sunday Musings #57: Back from the break; Maybe?

Remember a while ago I posted that I was taking some break as I was visiting India? Well, I did and then some.

I had to travel to Macau, China as one of my close family member was hospitalized there while on a trip. And then I returned to a mold infested house back in Dubai, no thanks to the scorching summer and a broken AC. 

Well, now I am back to blogging from a cleaner house and a reading slump that I am struggling to get out of.  I will definitely share some beautiful pictures from my travel soon. 

So that is my sad little story, so what about you? What did I miss in these two months?

What I read this week

I am not at all proud to say I have not read a book since the end of July. At least I had solid reasons for that, during August.

It has been almost two weeks since I returned and I can’t seem to find some time to read. And even if I did, I can’t get myself to focus. Can I blame it on the mold infestation?

But now that I am done with all those pesky household chores, I am determined to get it over with and I am hoping The Bookish Life of Nina Hill will be the book that will pull me out of the abyss.

What I watched this week

On the bright side, I have been catching up with a lot of TV shows that I had missed due to my travels.

  • I loved and adored the Money Heist new season S4. And my dislike for Tokyo has heightened. Fight me, Tokyo-fans!
  • All those who recommended me the K-drama Love Alarm, thank you! I loved everything about it, except for the fact that I have to wait for the next season.
  • I also finally caught up with The Ranch. I didn’t love it but it was okay. 

On cinemas I watched IT: Chapter two and the Ad Astra.

I liked IT better than Ad Astra, being the horror and Stephen King fan I am. Even though this second part had a lot of things going as expected, I missed the nostalgic 80s warmth and humor.

And I found Ad Astra to be too damn slow for my liking, despite loving the premise and visual grandeur of the film. 

On my blog

Obviously I have nothing new to show under this topic, so I am gonna go ahead and link to some of my popular posts of all times, in case you have missed it earlier. 

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme

From the Insta-world

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Let us chat

So what I have been missing around the blogosphere? What are you reading currently? Any words to help me get off this slump and regain my mojo? Let us talk.


  1. Welcome back! Sorry to hear that you’ve been going through so much. I find that reading a favourite book can help me get out of a reading slump, or stick on an audiobook. I find that to be an easier way to absorb the book when a slump happens. I look forward to your pictures.

  2. Great post I hope you do get out of your reading slump soon I am listening to It by Stephen King this month and I will finish listening to it at the beginning of next month, and I am really hooked on Stephen King writing style I am enjoying listening to the narrator he is absolutely amazing narrator. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome post.

  3. You’ve had a lot on your plate. Hope the family member is doing fine now.

    Love your choice of book to get out of the slump. I’d be looking forward to know what you thought of it.

  4. Oh no a broken AC isn’t good! That would be a tough thing to come home to. Hope your family member is okay. And can’t wait to see your pics!

    I’ve been slumping on reading too. 🙁

  5. Sorry to hear about your family member 💛 I’ve yet to watch Love Alarm, so glad to see it looks good! Still need to watch It 2 but I can’t wait to do that. I always like rereading one of my favourites to get me back into the mood!


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