The one with a little hope: Sunday Musings #98

It has been a while since I spoke to you guys here. And I have my mental health and burnout to blame here. It has been a month, almost, since I read a book or watched a show with interest.

I am hoping that phase is done now and I am feeling a bit better this week. And that’s why, I am talking to you here. Here is to a better week ahead!

I really hope your week has been better than mine. And I want to hear all about it.

What I read this week

As I said I have not read anything in a while. And I am behind on my reading challenges as you expect.

Here is how I fare on my A to Z reading challenge for the year!

2020 A to Z Reading Challenge

What I watched this week

I was just flicking the channels and I ended up watching Parenthood on Amazon. I think I chose it mainly because Lauren Graham, of Gilmore Girls, is in it.

But I am not sure if I actually like her in this one at all. For one, her character in Parenthood is so similar to Lorelai, Gilmore Girls and that is annoying me.

Anyway I like the other characters, so I am gonna continue watching it.

On my blog

In case you missed the posts from my blog, last week.

The Jane Austen Society by Natalie Jenner

Jane Austen Society Featured image

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

From the Insta-world

Here is what I posted on Instagram during the week. Give me a follow, will you?

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Let us chat

So how has your week been? What did I miss around the blogging world in the past few weeks? What are you currently reading and watching? Let’s talk!


  1. Maureen @ Maureen's Books

    I’m sorry to read you haven’t been feeling well. And hopefully you’ll start enjoying your reads again soon. πŸ˜‰
    I’ve always wanted to try Parenthood. Definitely because of Lauren Graham.. But I haven’t gotten to it yet.
    Stay safe and happy reading.

    • Gayathri

      Thank you. I hope so too!

  2. Yvonne

    I do hope you are feeling better this week. I’m behind on my reading challenges too. This year just wasn’t a good reading one for me. Hopefully next year will be better. I hope you have a good week this week!

    • Gayathri

      I am not giving up yet, but now it seems like it is not achievable anymore.

  3. Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    I hope you’ll feel better this week as well! This year has been especially draining, but I hope you’ll continue taking self care as needed. ❀️

    • Gayathri

      I agree; 2020 has definitely been draining!

  4. Lover of Romance

    oh I feel ya about being burnt out and drained, it also has been one of those years that is effecting us all. May you find hope and renewal and get back to book jiving again.

    • Gayathri

      Thank you so much! I wish the same for you too.

  5. Rachel

    Sorry to hear you’ve been down lately! It’s tough right now. All the news and events around the world can be a mental drag. Hope you’re able to change the channel mentally and have some joy in your life!

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the Jane Austen Society overall. I really liked it. And that cover, just looking at it makes me happy. Love the colors in your Subway/Book Thief photo. The royal blue of the seats is a nice contrast. I’m still thinking of doing an Instagram for blogging. I may do a discussion post on it to weigh the pros and cons.

    Have a lovely week! πŸ™‚

  6. Mareli @ Elza Reads

    Hi Elgee, so sorry that you haven’t been well lately. This year really is a bit tough and draining. I’m glad you started reading again and The Jane Austen Society does seem like a good read!

    Take care of yourself and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

    Lots of love

    • Natalie @Natflix&Books

      I haven’t finished anything in ages. Literally nothing is holding my attention. I have this week off, though, and am hoping the time off will help. Hope this week is better for you too.

      • Gayathri

        We are all in the same boat then!

    • Gayathri

      Thank you for the kind words!

  7. Iza

    I’m sorry you haven’t been well recently but you seem to have regained some energy πŸ™‚ There are several books I’m planning on reading in your list and, funnily enough, I recently bought The traveling cat chronicles – it looks great πŸ™‚

  8. jessicabookworm @ The Bookworm Chronicles

    I am so sorry to hear you have been feeling burnt out over the last couple of weeks, Gayathri. I can completely sympathise. We have missed you and it lovely to have you back! ❀ In the last two weeks, my reading has really picked up, because I have been taking part in the Nonfiction November and Novellas in November reading events. I hope you will be able to get back into your reading soon! πŸ™πŸ™‚

  9. Greg

    My reading has been lackluster lately. I have been watching a few shows though… at least that’s picking up lol!

    Great pics! πŸ™‚

    Be well this coming week!!!!!


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