5 Reasons why you can’t stick to a blog schedule

You have made the plans and post schedules for the blog. You have great ideas for new posts. You are ready to soar high and make blogging successful. But why does your enthusiasm wane and you struggle to stick to the blog schedule in the long run?

How do you blog consistently and do you have a blog schedule? Are you able to stick to the blog schedule without much struggle? Let's chat. Share on X

Why can’t you stick to the blog schedule?

Let us discuss why sticking to a blog schedule seem so difficult for you and how you can overcome those issues.


This is part of a series on blogging consistently. Read the previous post on The importance of blogging consistently: Why do you need a blog schedule here

Blogging doesn’t seem rewarding enough

For many bloggers, especially book bloggers, blogging is something that we do for fun. We don’t blog for making it a success or a profit.

So when things get hard or the initial enthusiasm to blog starts to dissipate it is natural that you let yourself off the hook easily. You start thinking what am I losing if skip once, and end up in a blogging slump before you know it.

Tip: Reward yourself for every successful streak, say weekly. Create a calendar and mark each day you blog on it, and try not to break your streak.

You are not accountable to anyone

Yes, not all of us have millions of monthly readers in our blog. Or maybe it is just your mother and her cat. And they are not gonna judge you if you post once in a month or NEVER.

Before I moved to Elgee Writes, I had had my blog for almost five years and never told anyone about it. I assumed I was writing for myself and that I was blogging pretty consistently. But guess what?

Within a year, I had published more posts than I published in the first five years. The difference? I had begun talking to others (bloggers, friends and even colleagues) about my blog and I started getting regular readers and engagements.

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Sure, you can hold yourself accountable too, but has it worked previously? If no, it is better to involve a friend or better, another blogger friend to hold you accountable.

Tip: Announce your next post topic to your readers. Put up an blogging schedule on the sidebar so that your readers would know when to expect your next post and hold you accountable to it.

You are waiting for perfection

I am no stranger to this flaw. I am not perfect and my blog posts aren’t either. But I can wait for the perfect word to flow, the perfect blog topic to spring in my mind and for the perfect time to write it out.

But they rarely come and my blog can’t wait until then.

Starting with an imperfect plan and then continuing to make it better, is so much more productive than to wait for the perfect plan.

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Tip: Aim for good, not perfect. Write down everything in your mind or draft an outline, and then you can edit and perfect it.

You are waiting for motivation

You cannot expect yourself to be always motivated and full of enthusiasm. The going will get tough and your initial enthusiasm will definitely wane.

But if you had planned to work only when you are inspired, then you will be working only for about 30% of the days. Following through any plan or goal, needs inspirations but most critically you need determination.

I am sure everyone has days that they don’t wanna work or go to the gym, but only people who step up and do what is needed to be, even when they don’t feel like, become successful.

Tip: Don’t look for external motivations – just hitting the publish button on your blog or being to be able to stick to the blog schedule itself can be motivating enough. And even if it, just do it because you are professional.

You want instant gratification

Often we want to see the effect of our hard work almost immediately. And when that doesn’t happen, it is natural to feel disheartened and we may even want to stop our hard work.

Sure the SEO techniques benefit the ranking of the blog, but you can’t see the page visit counts spike the very next day. Likewise you are going to not get your leads right away, because you posted on your blog for two weeks as per your schedule.

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But this lack of patience and attitude towards instant gratification is keeping from being able to stick to the blog schedule.

Tip: When you make plans, get into a mindset that you won’t see any tangible benefit right away. And have a visual reminder to see how many days you stick to the blog schedule to quench your thirst for instant gratification.

So go on, let me know what other blogging challenges do you face? What’s stopping you from achieving your blogging dreams?

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Let’s talk

How do you blog consistently and do you have a blog schedule? Are you able to stick to the blog schedule without much struggle? Let’s chat.


  1. Aj @ Read All The Things!

    Weekly memes force me to stick to a schedule. If I want to participate in the link ups, I need to get my Top Ten Tuesdays and Sunday Posts done on time. I sometimes procrastinate my other posts, though.

    • Gayathri

      I do the Sunday posts too. And they usually put me on track for the whole week.

  2. The Temperamental Writer

    Great post full of great advice! I’ve definitely struggled with all of these at one time or another.

    • Gayathri

      I am glad that it helped you!

  3. Kristina

    I definately almost dropped my blog in the start.. it went a full week-maybe two with no posts at all. I had really under-estimated how much different it would be from tumblr.. especially the more writing part, can’t really reblog anything 😅 (well, you can.. but I don’t like to do it)

    Now i’m like on the other side of the spectrum.. I take my schedule too much at heart and i’m stressing out when I don’t have anything for the next posting day (although I do still have time). Sure, I know it’s healthy to take breaks and all that.. but I just can’t anymore ahah because I know that I did it once, and I fear that skipping even one day might slump me into not blogging again. And well.. it’s already paid for as i’m self-hosted now.

    • Gayathri

      Yes, the fear of blogging slump is so real. And I don’t wanna stop even for a day too.

  4. Cat @ Pages & Plots

    Since I’ve started blogging, I’ve been able to keep a blogging schedule. There was a time where I had whole posts drafted and scheduled one month in advance. But sometimes the lack of motivation hits, and I need to be able to drop the schedule and not feel guilty about it. This is a hobby, after all.

    • Gayathri

      Yes, understanding what works for you and what doesn’t makes all the difference!



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