Importance of blogging consistently: Do you need a blog schedule?

It is no secret that many of us struggle with blogging consistently. And many bloggers consider putting out content regularly as a success parameter. Let us talk about why it is so important to have a blogging schedule to ensure that you are blogging consistently.

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Blogging consistently: Why do you need a blog schedule

Why do we keep insisting that bloggers should be more consistent? Why is keeping up with the blog schedule so important? Here are a few reasons for you to consider.

Makes you look professional

Having a blog schedule and blogging consistently makes you look like a professional at what you do. And guess what! That means your audience and readers will take you more seriously.

The publisher you wrote to ask for a review copy? She definitely wants someone who is professional and can stick to the deadline.

blogging consistently Makes you look professional Blog schedule
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Or the guest blogger role you wanted to apply for on that website? Well, I am sure they are looking for someone who can adhere to a schedule.

Improve your traffic

Once in a while we forget that we all need more people visiting our blogs and a more traffic, right?

No? Neither do I.

Increasing the traffic and number of page visits on my book blog is always on my mind and blogging consistently would help you achieve that.

Every time (or so) you add a post or update something on your blog, the Search Engine Gods (aka Google or Bing) make a note of that. And that is a good thing because they understand that you are still relevant and show yours more frequently on the search pages – and that leads to? YES, MORE TRAFFIC!

Builds trust and authority

We only take in advices and suggestions from people whom we trust.

Gaining that trust and subject authority from your readers takes a long time and needs hard work. And that comes from a portfolio of articles you have written on the topic by blogging consistently.

blogging consistently Builds trust and authority Blog schedule
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For instance, the index of all my reviews here usually acts as my portfolio for the authors before they ask me to review or beta read their books.

Having more than 200 book reviews somehow helps them make that decision. What do you think?

Keeping your readers happy

Oh we almost forgot the most important reason we are screaming into the void here blogging. Our dear readers!

Having a good number of traffic or ranking high on the Search Engine results would not matter if we are not able to retain the visitors on our site. And we can have happy and returning visitors only when we post consistently.

blogging consistently Keeping your readers happy Blog schedule
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If you post 20 times in a month and then go missing from your blog for the next three months, chances are your blog readers would forget you. There are thousands of other blogs they might move to, and it won’t be their fault.

Avoid that dreaded blogger burnout

We all have been there. The blogger burn out is real and it is so damn painful. You watch your fellow bloggers posting such creative posts and all you can do is stare at the blank screen.

Well, let us talk about how to finally defeat (or avoid, let’s be realistic here) the blogger burnout – blogging schedule!

The only way to avoid blogging burnout is to write, write and write more. And publishing your written content in a regular and consistent style that vaguely resembles a blogging schedule.

So when you actually hit the burnout (if at all), you can ride it out because you have a repository of blog posts ready to go! Ta-da.

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Do you have a blogging schedule? What are your struggles when it comes to blogging consistently? What are your success parameters as a book blogger? Let us talk


  1. stacee @ eleven thirteen pm

    This is a great post! I’m trying to become more consistent on my blog. I want to get back to focusing on it instead of social media.

    Thanks for sharing this!!

    • Gayathri

      Thank you. Consistency is definitely important, glad you are working on that.

  2. Heather @ RandomRedheadedRamblings

    This is a great post!

    I got blogger burnout in 2017 – the blog was great, lots of followers, I had a high Netgalley score and lots of book post and auto approvals from publishers, it was just what a book nerd like me dreamed off. But I was trying to do to much, add new features to the blog, signing up for things even though I had stuff already on and worst of all it sapped all joy from reading the books. So I stopped.

    The a couple of months back after missing sharing my thoughts on books I gently dipped my toe back in, I had to start from scratch on NG, there is no book post and I am glad. For the first time I have a schedule I have a notepad and have the dates of everything that is going up, I have scheduled posts too, I never had that before.

    It is hard, there is a lot if information out there on increasing engagement and sorting out SEO but this is my hobby not my job so I’m going to take it slowly!

    • Gayathri

      Oh I understand this so well. I used to get those burnouts and I would go missing for a month or so. But now things are better.

  3. Rasya

    I’ve a bloggng schedule but I tried to post on different days last month to test my engagement and safe to say that I finally ended up scheduling my post on my original blog schedule 😂

    • Gayathri

      Oh I have not tried out schedules based on the engagement.


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