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One of the most asked questions that new bloggers have is how to get more comments on their blog post. Especially when you have not yet made as many friends in the blogging world it might seem like a difficult task. I talked about how to comment on other blogs even if you are an introvert on my earlier post, so I promise this is gonna be much easier than that. 

How do some of the bloggers get so many comments and have so many friends who dote their posts? 

How do some of the bloggers get so many comments and have so many friends who dote their posts?  Read more on getting more comments on your blog Click To Tweet

Let me break it out for you right away. There are no shortcuts to receiving 100 comments per post. It takes time, patience, and efforts to build those relations. Commenting and blog hopping goes much beyond ‘I will scratch yours if you do mine’. And that is why many ‘follow for follow’ groups fail.

Get more comments

Here are all the small things that we all can do easily to motivate, help and enthuse the readers of your blog to comment. 

Let us face it, not all of us want to leave comments on all the posts we read. And most of us are still too anxious to start a conversation on the internet with a stranger, even if we love their content. So why not make it easier for them right?

End with a question

Many of us write posts between 500-1200 words and our content is usually so awesome that we often leave the reader baffled on to what to say. I am not even exaggerating. Okay maybe a bit. But seriously it is on us to prod the reader to leave a comment and then tell them what to comment about. 

My posts usually end with a ‘let us chat’ section where I ask some relevant questions for the reader to answer or share their thoughts on. Of course they are welcome to talk about anything they want, but a little guidance never hurt anyone, right?

get more comments

Just make sure these questions are general and open ended so it is easier to get a variety of comments.

Make it a dialogue

Do not forget to respond to those comments when you receive them. Do not leave the other person hanging, make it a dialogue. This will help the other blogger to remember you and maybe visit again. If you can you should visit their blog and leave them a comment as well. As I said earlier, this is beyond being reciprocal. Who knows, you might make a new friend even!

If this is something that interests you, you should consider joining the Comment 4 comment Challenge 2019. The goal is to make sure we return every comment we receive on our blog. You think you can do that?

I confess. I am a bit lagging on this and I have a lot of comments on my blog that are unreplied to, currently but I will get to them very soon. 

Make use of relevant plugins

Okay this is kinda specific for self hosted bloggers, but hey it might be useful for others as well some day right?There are nifty little plugins that I love and I know a lot of bloggers who swear by them. I am gonna keep the descriptions short and will provide a link if you wanna read more about them,

Here are a few nifty plugins that I love and I know a lot of bloggers who swear by them to make their commenting lives easier. Click To Tweet


A lot of bloggers use this plugin to let their commentors leave a link to their latest post. I love how some of them have set it up to bring up the last 10 posts so that the commentor could have a choice. 

Comment Reply Notification

This small plugin sends an email to the blogger when you respond to their comment on your blog. This helps them to continue the conversation by hopping back to your blog, if they want to.

Comments Not Replied To

Thanks to Evalinah for recommending me this plugin and I totally depend on it these days. This plugin adds another tab on your WordPress comments section and shows only those comments that you have not responded to. 

get more comments
I am too ashamed to show the number of replies pending.

If you don’t have these plugins, do consider using them. They make the commenting life much simpler.

Build relationships

Find out who are your regulars and form a relationship with them. Of course you don’t have to force yourself to do that. But the fact that they are visiting your blog regularly means you have something in common with them, so why not explore that? 

get more comments

You might want to take a look at Bloggers’ comment junction if you are interested in forming long standing blogging relationship and a community that will support you through comments and shares. 

Make commenting easier

This sounds like a no brainer but it is kinda very important. Make it easier for the other bloggers to comment on your blog. Ditch all the things that complicate their lives. I mean Captchas and excessive authentication questions. 

For example, I am kinda glad that they got rid of the Google+ commenting system because I hated commenting using my Google Plus profile. I understand your needs for your blogs are different but I suggest you make sure that they are comment friendly as well.

Final word

As I have mentioned on my earlier post, blog engagement is a two way street. Commentors may not flock to your well written post just because it is up there you actively promote it on your social media and keep linking it everywhere. You will still have to make an effort to talk to other bloggers through their comments. 

I love how responsive Cait from Paperfury is to her comments, even when she must be receiving 100+ comments on each of her post. We should all make a start somewhere and just start leaving comments, despite what our introvert self says.

We should all make a start somewhere and just start leaving comments, despite what our introvert self says. I promise, none of us bite! #commentingetiquette #commenting #bloggers Click To Tweet

I promise, none of us bite!

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get more comments

Let us chat

What are your secrets to receiving lots of comments on your blog? Do you use these plugins? Are you struggling to get comments on your post? Share us your favorite plugin or trick to boost the number of comments on your post. Let us talk.


  1. “Commenting and blog hopping goes much beyond ‘I will scratch yours if you do mine’. And that is why many ‘follow for follow’ groups fail. ”

    This part especially speaks to me, and from my end I can always kind of tell the people that are commenting on my posts just so I would comment back. For me I am allllll about engagement and having a conversation with my followers, and I definitely agree that an easy thing to do is add a question at the bottom of your posts to help those introverts out!

    Over time, your audience will grow and you will form friendships and a loyal follower base. But it doesn’t happen overnight.
    Kaleena @ Reader Voracious recently posted…Nancy Drew: The Palace of Wisdom by Kelly ThompsonMy Profile

  2. Lots of great advice and something that a lot of bloggers don’t focus on and it can really help your blog grow. It does take a lot of time and energy to comment all the time but it’s certainly worth it I think.

  3. I love that you included making commenting easier. There are some blogs, which I love, that make me check multiple boxes or do a captcha after having to populate my name, email, and website. It seems like a lot of work to comment.

  4. One thing that improved a lot my commenting and getting comments was and is blog hopping. While I’m not very strong on the other socials, so I try to focus more on commenting on post I’m very interested too or in which I’ve something to say about.

    On terms of more firendly relationship, the discord group in which I’m (and you’re too I think), really helped me bonding with other bloggers. While it’s not focused onto commenting on eachother blog, I still cerish the relationship/group we formed.

  5. This is so true! I’m trying to be better with commenting on people’s blogs – but I realise that a lot of times I don’t have the mental capacity to comment on every post I read, so I try to at least leave one comment on at least one post I love for every blog I follow once a week. Just to go, I’m here, I am still reading your posts, things are just hectic so I can’t leave a comment on every post. To remind the blogger that they are being heard by me, and I followed them for a reason?

    I honestly love how helpful and well-written your posts are. I’m not someone who gets a lot of comments on my posts – I get happy if a post gets even one comment, honestly, but my interaction has gone up this year, with taking part in your Comment For Comment Challenge, and with me not reading and commenting on EVERY POST the blogs I follow post. That used to overwhelm me and I’d just not read and not comment on anything. Putting my mental health first has had me commenting more and with more coherence than I used to.
    Ara @ Open Pages recently posted…;literary adaptations that i adoreMy Profile

    • I don’t think you have to comment on all posts. Also it is alright to take a break once in a while to put your mental health first!


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