1. Book Blogging can play an important role in the promotion of your work. As an indie author, it is good to express your thoughts and work to the reader by posting content on good and related site. The detailed you mentioned for guest blogging are quite helpful for writers in promoting their masterpiece towards readers. Keep sharing good stuff.

  2. Yes, surely guest Post is necessary for indie authors. Even if they write impressive books they still need to promote it and guest posting is a better way to do it. You mention some important points in your content. Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Really interesting perspective. I’m not an author, but I can see how expanding one’s social media presence through guest posts on other blogs is important!

  4. Great points Gayathri! Especially to send readers to an authors site! I love checking these out. BUT its quite irritating when these sites aren’t kept up to date. Once a quarter each page should be read over and book releases added. This is a PR portal for you as an author.

  5. I have never thought of this! I’ve seen authors do guest posts but I guess I never considered it for my blog? But wow, this makes so much sense. Just recently, I signed up to review a book by one of my fave authors. And I’m regretting clicking “no” on guest post 🙄🙄 Thanks for sharing this! It definitely helps for the author to get exposure from the blog’s readers.


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