Review Shots: Middle Eastern Tales for children

Feb 6, 20199 comments

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Remember my post about how I never got to read many Middle grade books when I was younger? It is time to change that, thanks for all the children’s books that I get to review on my blog. I am happy to say that I am enjoying the chance. Thanks to Medina Publishing, Middle East for sending me a bunch of children’s books for review

I enjoyed reading them as they had stories from the Arabic world, which is a lot different from the Indian folktales that I grew up listening to and the Western tales that I read as a kid. Let us get on with it shall we?

Saluki – Hound of the Bedouin

Author: Julia Johnson

Illustrator: Susan Keeble

In Saluki-Hound of the Bedouin, we read about the story of Sougha, a hunting dog of the native breed called Saluki through eyes of its master Hamad. We also learn about the life style of the Bedouin, the nomadic group from the Middle East as well.

Perfect for 6 – 12 years, especially if they love dogs and pups they will love this book. 

The Secret of the Cave 

middle east folktales

Author: Julia Johnson

Illustrator: Emily Styles 

Ameera, a young girl sets out alone in search of berries in the wild but accidentally falls down into a deep dark cave. The wells in Ameera’s village have dried up and the villagers are in the brink of a drought. Her family and their friends have set out to find her but they have no idea where to search for her.

Ameera meets an owl and a mysterious young boy who keep her company in the dark caves. But how can she attract the attention men who are searching for her on the surface, not underground where she is? 

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With illustrations that keep us hooked to the narration, The Secret of the Cave  will work perfectly for children between 6 to 10 years. 

Sharifa The Story Of An Arabian Horse 

middle east folktales

Author: Joan Hannam 

Illustrator:Patricia Al-Fakhri

We all have heard good things about the majestic Arabian horses right? Sharifa was one of the horses and she belonged to the Sheikh who loved her very much. She was the apple of his eye.

With beautiful illustrations to steal our hearts, Sharifa The Story Of An Arabian Horse  has a pretty straight forward narration and talks about the love for pets. Perfect for young and middle grade kids.

The old man and his donkey

middle east folktales

Author: Julia Johnson

Illustrator: Charlene Kasdorf

Abu and his donkey have been together all their life and they help transporting the villagers’ goods together. But things change when a new truck arrives to the town. 

If you are looking for a children’s book with colorful illustration that will appeal your younger ones, The old man and his donkey should be your choice. This book is funny and ends with a moral value. 

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  1. DJ Sakata

    These look colorful and imaginative

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      Children’s books are a new addition to me as well.

  2. Lashaan Balasingam

    I feel like revisiting these books just to know what are the great ones to recommend or get for kids! Lovely selection!



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