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Don’t we all love some memes? I know I know. They are things that everyone hate or love and there is no in between and you can’t escape them, right? Okay so I was looking around for a tag that I have not done and saw this fun tag so I thought why not. right?

Types of Memes – a book tag

The goal is trying to come up with books that match the most common memes. So let us get it done shall we?

The goal of this bookish version of types of memes tag is to come up with books that match the most common memes. So let us get it done shall we? Click To Tweet


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Let us get started

“Grumpy Cat” A book you have negative feelings about

I rarely read books that I completely hate or dislike. So this one is a toughie but I am still gonna do it.


But I have a thing against John Green and his books. While a lot of my blogger friends have loved it, I utterly disliked Turtles All the Way Down.

“What If I Told You” A book you spoiled for yourself

I don’t even read the blurb before I start a book. No, I don’t mind the spoilers but I like jumping into the story without any expectations. But still, there have been ones that I got ahead of myself and I spoiled it myself.


So I read Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon with a lot of expectations. But it didn’t live up to my expectations, and it didn’t help matters that I read some of the reviews before I finished the book.

“I Don’t Always” A book you don’t always like, but when you’re reading it you do

Okay so there are some books that I don’t like at all and hate that I even spent time on them, but when I did read them I just couldn’t stop. So I am gonna name my so-called ‘guilty pleasures’ Susan Elizabeth Phillips.


I even wrote a rant review about this Nobody’s baby but mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips one a while ago. Man did that make me stop reading the series? Absolutely, not!

“60’s Spiderman” A good classic or retro book that’ll never get old

The only book I have read more than thrice and still loved is Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell. Okay, Pride and Prejudice comes second, but not close at all.


“Just Little Things” A book that’s very relatable

I am have to say Lord Henry from The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. Okay I know that sounds diabolic. But listen me out okay? I loved his thoughts, ideas and philosophy and I have not read anyone more relatable than him in the recent past.


“Demotivational” A book that you’ve seen almost everywhere

Oh, there are quite a few of them. But I think My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite should be it. But not in a negative way. It is on my TBR, that says it all right?


“You Don’t Say” A predictable book

I just wrote a review on this Before I Let Go by Marieke Nijkamp quite recently. It was damn predictable and I couldn’t wait for the end. 


“One Does Not Simply” A book you binge read 

The last book I binge read was A Thousand perfect notes by C G Drew. It is our Cait from Paperfury y’all.


“Chemistry Cat” A book that taught you something new I read

The Zookeeper’s wife by Diane Ackerman for my A-Z Reading challenge 2018 and I ended up learning so much about animals and World War II. I am a WW II junkie, if you didn’t know already.


“Pet Memes” A book that’s just really adorable

I loved A Quiet Kind of Thunder by Sara Barnard and it was quite adorable to say the least.


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Let us talk:

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  1. I absolutely LOVE this tag!!! I have definitely seen My Sister, The Serial Killer everywhere!! LOL I saved this tag for later, so I can participate too. I already know a few books that fit with the memes. Hahaha!!!!

  2. I see My Sister, The Serial Killer everywhere, too! And I haven’t read Everything, Everything but I think I have the twist figured out without reading it. Maybe I should read it to see if it could fill the “predictable” slot in this meme for me. 😂


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