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  • Book Review: 300 Days

    I remember complaining to one of my friends that I need a simple, ordinary love story to read. You might be surprised to hear that those are rare, these days. I have had enough of vampires sucking blood, werewolves fighting with their clans for a mortal and how could I forget offspring from the future come to […]

  • Book review: Songs of the Mist

    Sometimes you take too long to complete a book and then you don’t want to attempt to capture your feelings about it – because you are sure you are not going to do a justice to it. What makes it harder is that you are not quite familiar with the genre. Yes that is what […]

  • #writealoveletter: A new series

    There are times in life it seems you can’t do anything right. Then one fine day all of a sudden you can’t just stop writing. Thanks to you my dear motivators (by that I mean, the ones who wield clubs and bats and run behind us for our entries – oh what would we do without […]

  • Shine like a diamond

    The D day was just announced. Her parents were running around busy booking the marriage venue and food caterers. Madhavi knew this was the beginning of the end of her life as she knew. She understood and accepted it, she was looking forward to it. She had had the best in everything till now, and […]