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  • 10 must-have things on your coaching business website to improve conversions

    Who are your favorite coaches? How did you find their websites? Did I miss any of the must-have things on a coaching websites? Let us talk.

  • 8 Benefits of journaling for writers

    Do you like journaling for writers? Or have you given up writing a journal because of the pressure? What are your methods?

  • Marketing strategies for small businesses & entrepreneurs

    Here are a few marketing techniques and tips to consider, especially if you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur. Which of these marketing strategies do you focus? Let us talk.

  • 8 Common grammar mistakes to avoid while writing

    Does writing seem daunting to you? For most people, writing doesn’t comes naturally. Here are few most common grammar mistakes in writing that even writers miss. I hope the list help you to avoid them and help you write like a pro! Common grammar mistakes in writing As someone who grew up with a healthy […]

  • What’s a successful blog to you?

    Despite your claims that you want to just blog for fun, I am sure all of us want to have a successful blog, deep down. When I started as a full time book blogger, all I wanted was publishers to look my site and send me free books. That is what success meant to me, […]

  • Book blogging is more than ‘just for fun’

    Earlier I spoke about how book blogging is so unlike other blogging niches and how we book bloggers blog mainly for ourselves. While there is no harm in that, I feel disheartened when some book bloggers dismiss their work as “oh, I blog just for fun”. My dear book bloggers, please stop doing that. Recently […]

  • Can beta readers steal your work?

    One of the major concerns for indie authors when hiring a beta reader is about the safety of their manuscript. Can beta readers steal my work? Will they publish my manuscript as theirs? Will they rip my beloved characters off me? These questions must plague your mind, and for right reasons.  As someone who is […]

  • Bookish questions for your bookstagram

    I am sure feeling lost when it comes to starting new conversations is pretty common – be it online or in real life. I hope these bookish questions would be help you kick start new topics. Let me know if these bookstagram questions are helpful. 25 Bookish questions for bookstagram Here are some bookish “question […]

  • Things To Do Without Leaving Your House

    With almost 25% of the countries in the world have imposed a lock down due to the Corona virus pandemic, staying in seems the only way to go. And that might be a bit too convenient for us bookworms, right? If you were one of those introverts, you would have preferred to stay in with […]

  • Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies

    Hello new week! Last week turned out super fun. My cousin had to my city on official grounds and we got to hang out a bit in the evenings and on Friday (being a weekly holiday). On Friday, we went to the Museum of Illusions. It had lots of puzzles to be solved and its […]