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  • Book review: Kitchen

    There is something with South East Asian Literature that I can’t put my finger to, they always leave me confused whether I like them or not. I picked Kitchen by Yoshimoto worrying if I will get it, especially seeing that it has several raving reviews on Goodreads. I didn’t want to read the blurb and […]

  • And Then There Were None: Book review

    Have you read And Then There Were None? What is your favorite Agatha Christie novel? Hercule Poirot or Miss Marple – whom do you like better?

  • The Vegetarian: Book Review

    Have you read this book earlier? Does this book depict life in South Korea?

  • Can you guess the book title based on its character?

    I love taking fun quizzes online on everything from trivia about geography to what is my gangsta name. But quizzes related to books are the ones I enjoy the most. So let us try this out here. How many books do you read every year? Do you remember all the characters from the books you […]

  • Chess Story by Stefan Zweig: A Book Review

    Have you read Chess Story by Stefan Zweig? Do you read literary fiction? Which is your favorite literary fiction? Let us talk.

  • Review:The Virgin Suicides

    There are some books that we read because someone recommended them to you. Or maybe because you read about them somewhere or you found them read by someone you know. And there are some that you pick out of curiosity. Many times they end up making you feel sorry for that moment of impulsiveness. But […]

  • A Dog’s Tale by Mark Twain: A Book Review

    Can you name one book that you love with all your heart and would not mind recommending it to any one, regular readers or not? For me it would be A Dog’s Tale by Mark Twain. Care to read why I love it so much? Read on. About A Dog’s Tale Title: A Dog’s Tale […]