The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (Bridgerton) – A book review

The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (Bridgerton) – A book review

I don’t usually read Historical romances but with the hype from the Netflix series and the bookstagram, I had to pick The Duke and I by Julia Quinn, the famed Bridgerton series. How did that work for me? Read my book review to know more.

Duke and I Bridgerton Featured

About The Duke and I

Book Name: The Duke and I (Bridgerton #01)

Author: Julia Quinn

Genre: Fiction – RomanceHistorical

Characters: Daphne Bridgerton, Simon Basset

Setting: London, England, The UK

Plot Summary of The Duke and I

Set in the Regency London, Daphne Bridgerton is the fourth of eight siblings in a close-knit family and is ready to meet her suitors. While everyone likes her wit and kindness, no one actually adores her. She is too friendly with her young suitors to be a romanced.

Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings is new to the scene as he has just returned to England from his stay abroad. He is not interested in marriage nor progeny, but he is constantly paraded by the mothers and daughters as an eligible bachelor.

So when Daphne, Simon’s best friend’s sister offers him a way out he takes it. They fake court, so that Simon will deter the parade and Daphne will get more prospects to choose from.

The plan works well, until it goes wrong horribly. Does the Duke and Daphne understand the folly in their plan and do they end up in a HEA? Read The Duke and I by Julia Quinn to know more.

Book review of The Duke and I

The Duke and I was my first book set in Regency London and my first time reading Julia Quinn’s writing as well. And imagine my surprise when I flew through the pages in an afternoon.

Julia Quinn’s writingwas witty and hilarious. I loved the banters and the sibling’s taunts. Even if they followed a half of Julia’s dialogues in the Netflix version, I won’t be surprised at what a hit the Bridgerton series has been. (Yes, I haven’t watched it yet.)

I loved the Bridgerton family dynamic and the drama. I would definitely have to keep a watch out for the other books.

On the other hand, I didn’t like the female lead at all, not even before that ONE SCENE. Don’t even start me with the Duke. He was lying and manipulative as well. So made for each other I guess.(?)

I loved the book and had a merry time with it, until that one scene.

Yes, it was cringe-y, manipulative, non consensual scene that spoiled everything for me. I understand the book was written in early 2000s, the “rules were different” then (no, they weren’t) and blah blah, but I completely lost it after that. (I am hoping that Netflix guys changed this one.)

What worked for me

  • The funny, witty banter sprinkled all through the book. I loved them. Julia Quinn made chuckle, grin, laugh and even snort at one point.
  • I loved the Bridgerton family dynamics and the younger ones were funny as well. I want more of the Bridgerton world y’all!

What may have been better

  • Both the leads were flawed, manipulative and lying. But given the time period it was set in, maybe it was normal I guess. Anyway, I was able to look past it.
  • Why did I have to read a non consensual sex (rape?) scene. It spoiled everything for me.

Content warning

Non consensual sex, parental neglect

Bottom line

While I loved the writing, the character building and the Bridgerton world, there were things that put me off The Duke and I by Julia Quinn. But I will definitely read Julia Quinn’s other books and continue the Bridgerton series soon (assuming they were not problematic or off putting).

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The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (Bridgerton) – A book review

Silent Patient, The by Alex Michaelides – A book review

How often do you agree with hype and award winning titles? I had heard so much about The Silent Patient and I was reluctant to pick it up, because I didn’t want another disappointment. But how did it fare on my scale? Read my book of The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides to know more.

About the book

Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides Book review

Book Name: The Silent Patient

Author: Alex Michaelides

Genre: Fiction – Mystery, Thriller

Characters:  Alicia Berenson, Theo and Kathy Faber, Christian, Professor Lazarus Diomedes, Gabriel and Max Berenson, Elif, Yuri

Setting: London, England, The UK

Plot Summary

Theo Faber, a psychotherapist can’t wait for this chance to prove himself by helping Alicia, the famed silent patient. And to do that, he has begun to work at The Grove where the artist is being treated for a while now.

About six years ago Alicia Berenson, a well known painter was arrested for murdering her husband, Gabriel. Since then she has not uttered a single word. She is suicidal and unresponsive to any sort of communication.

Theo is also fighting his own demons and for his marriage. Will he be able to save Alicia or himself for that matter? Read The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides to find out more.

Book review

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides is a fast paced murder mystery/thriller. And it is definitely worth its hype. I definitely should be more open to picking hyped books hereon.

While the explosive climax is not novel, I didn’t see it coming. I had several other theories (a few more ingenious than the others ..cough.. cough) of course, but the red herrings worked perfectly. And that says a lot about the author’s ability to weave a web of tangles around it.

I had a few issues with how the “hospital was run” and that Theo’s approach to help Alicia was pretty much unprofessional. There are a few comments about therapy that misleading and harmful, and definitely reduced the credibility factor for me.

What worked for me

  • I didn’t see the classic twist coming at all. And that’s because I was so engrossed in the narration.
  • The short chapters worked well enough to make The Silent Patient a page turner and I couldn’t just stop reading.
  • The red herrings will keep you second guessing and hooked till the end.

What may have been better

  • Theo’s breakthrough treatment was totally unprofessional and kinda lowkey annoying for me. I hated that there were misleading and harmful comments about therapy and therapists.
  • The twist has been done and tested many a times. One of the well known example is The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie.

Bottom line

If you are quite new to the murder mystery genre and you liked books like Girl on the train or The Woman In The Window by Finn A J, you will love this book. If you’ve read as many whodunnits as I have, The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides may not surprise you. But it is still worth a read.

Content warning:

Depression, multiple suicide attempts, Drug abuse, Misleading concepts about therapy, extramarital affair,

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The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (Bridgerton) – A book review

The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary – A book review

I picked The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary more than six months ago from the airport bookstore and carried it with me during my travels last year. But when I finally started reading it earlier this month, I knew it was a mistake.

It was a mistake to have waited so long to read it. Yes, I loved it. Let’s get on to the book review of The Flatshare, shall we?

About the book

The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary cover

Book Name: The Flatshare

Author: Beth O’Leary

Genre: Fiction – Romance

Characters: Tiffy Moore, Leon and Richie Twomey, Gerty, Mo, Justine, Kay

Setting:  LondonEnglandThe UK

The plot

Tiffy Moore has just been dumped (again) and wants to move out of Justin’s house ASAP. Despite what her friends say, she has hope that Justin will ask her to take him back. But at the same time, she knows this has happened far too many times, now. 

Leon Twomey is a nurse who works night shifts. His brother has been wrongly accused of a robbery and is in jail. Leon needs urgent cash flow to get him acquitted.

And a flatshare made sense for both of them. Leon will use the flat during the day, when Tiffy is at work and vice versa. It sounds perfect in paper,right? What could go wrong? 

For starters, emotionally abusive boyfriends, trips in search of a long lost lover, and the work schedule. But how long can they go without meeting forms the rest of The Flatshare. 

My initial thoughts

The Flatshare is a well written romance with great characters and witty humor. But what I loved about this book was how it talked about emotional abuse – keeping it real and without being preachy. 

I loved Tiffy’s arc especially. Initially she would not even stand a criticizing comment about Justin from her friends. But she slowly understood how he was gaslighting her and had been emotionally abusive and manipulating her. ALL BY HERSELF, with a bit of help from her ever supporting friends. And for once, the male protagonist was not her savior.  

Leon was just a perfect sweetheart. He is an introvert who loves helping everyone, even going out of his way to do so. In fact, he spends his free time to help an aged patient to find his family. He is on first name basis with his younger patients who seem to know more about him than himself. 

I loved Gerty, Mo and Rachel. And Richie. They were colorful and well developed, making it a treat to read about them. 

Things that worked for me

  • The Flatshare is just more than a romance, even when it has a cute love story in it.
  • The characters. From Tiffy to Holly, were well written and adorable. 
  • I loved how the emotional abuse was portrayed, without making it all about the guy.

Things that didn’t work for me

I know this is a weak point but the flatshare arrangement without even meeting each other sounds too unrealistic right? Or is it just me? (It was not a deal breaker, though)


The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary is a fun romance with British humor that deals with heavy subjects like emotional abuse, gaslighting and friendships. Pick it up if you are a newbie reader or someone trying to get off a slump.

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The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (Bridgerton) – A book review

One day in December- A book review

How do you feel about insta love or love at first sight? Well, that is what will make or break One Day in December by Josie Silver for you. And a lot of people, bloggers and bookstagrammers alike, love this book and might queue up to fight if you didn’t (I am kidding.. maybe). Let us  see how One Day in December turned out for me in my book review, ok? Read on!

About One day in December

One day in December

Book Name: One Day in December

Author: Josie Silver

Genre: Fiction – Romance

Characters: Laurie James, Jack O’Mara, Sarah, Oscar Ogilvy-Black

Setting:  LondonEnglandThe UK

Plot Summary of One day in December

One Day in December Laurie is staring out the bus window and she chances upon a guy sitting in a bus stop reading a book. He looks up and they have an instant connection, so strong that she believes he is the one. She spends the next year looking out for the guy with her best friend Sarah. 

During the next Christmas season, she finds him again at a party, only to find that he is Sarah’s boyfriend. When she realizes he doesn’t recognize her and that Sarah is in love with him and he likewise, she quickly gulps down her feelings and tries to stay the third wheel to the supposed “match made in heaven”. 

Over the next decade, they spend time finding themselves with different partners and many missed opportunities. How they end up together forms the rest of One Day in December by Josie Silver.

Book review of One day in December

One Day in December has everything needed for a perfect winter romance – insta love, strong female friendship, falling for the said friend’s boyfriend and then getting friend zone. I enjoyed Josie Silver’s writing and her voice, that made it hard to put the book down.

I loved the first few chapters and I really tried hard to like the entire book the same way and I failed terribly. 

My main problem was that I felt lukewarm about the protagonists. There was nothing special about them. And they were supposed made for each other and soul mates, we never see it. They do not even take any step whatsoever to be with each other. 

Sigh. I really tried to like One Day in December more.

Things that worked for me

  • The premise was cute and the angst was real.
  • The writing and the pace were perfect for a winter afternoon read. 
  • I liked Sarah and her friendship with Laurie. I wish we saw more of Sarah and Laurie’s history. 

Things that didn’t work for me

  • I didn’t like the protagonists especially Jack nor did I warm up to them until the end even.
  • I love British romance mainly for their witty banter. Nope not much on that front.


If you are looking for a cute romance filled with angst, you can choose One Day in December by Josie Silver. Perfect for fans of Bridget Jones!

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The Duke and I by Julia Quinn (Bridgerton) – A book review

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams – A book review

Does it ever annoy you when you expect something from a book because it was marketed so but then it turns out entirely different? I picked Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams because it had great reviews and it said it was ‘Bridget Jones meets Americanah’. But it turned out to be something different. Let us find out how Queenie was for me, shall we?

About the book

elgeewrites Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams - A book review Queenie

Book Name: Queenie

Author: Candice Carty-Williams

Genre: Fiction – Drama

Characters: Queenie, Tom, Diana, Darcy, Kyazike, Cassandra

Setting: LondonEngland, The UK

The plot

Queenie is a 25 year old Jamaican British woman, a typical millennial living in the pricey London and working for a newspaper. She has a close friend’s circle and a long term Caucasian boyfriend. Her family consists of overbearing grandparents, a religious maternal aunt and an estranged mother – you know the typical Jamaican family. 

Things spiral down fast when her boyfriend proposes a long break from their relationship. Her performance at work suffers and finally she gets fired. Her social life derails when she starts hooking up with men who have no time or interest in her personality.

How Queenie deals with it and gets out of the mess that is her life now with the help of her family and friends forms the rest of the story. 

My initial thoughts

Queenie is a tale of a young woman who tries to find her identity between the two cultures. It is less of a love story but more about strong female characters and their friendship and family ties. The characters are flawed but they are relatable and their problems are real. Though set in the UK, their story is from everywhere. 

I agree that the Jamaican culture took little back seat among the other themes but from what was described I found it was similar to the Asians. Especially the importance given to family and religious sentiment. I loved how Queenie spoke about the stigma around the mental health and that is something really close to my heart. If only more people get off that mentality soon.

Also when I picked Queenie looking for a cheesy love story but instead found an intense book that spoke about several themes like sexism, feminism, sexual harassment at work and fetishising of Black women’s body. Though they were touched lightly, I am glad Queenie opened the topic at the least.

Things that worked for me

  • I loved the flawed characters and the pains were real.
  • Queenie talks about the importance of female friendship that sees through every up and down of her life. 
  • It opens up the topic about the stigma around mental health and taking steps to improve it.

Things that didn’t work for me

  • I wish Queenie had spoken more about the racial and other issues.
  • I was totally misled by the genre classification and the summary. 


If you loved dry British humor like Chewing Gum (Netflix) or Fleabag, you will love Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams. It totally surprised me and I think it is one of my best reads of 2019, as of now.

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