#100daysofbookquotes: Quote week: 9

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“The thing I’m most afraid of is me. Of not knowing what I’m going to do. Of not knowing what I’m doing right now” 


― Haruki Murakami, 1Q84




“I stopped looking for a Dream Girl, I just wanted one that wasn’t a nightmare.” 


― Charles BukowskiThe Captain is Out to Lunch and the Sailors Have Taken Over the Ship





“If you aren’t on Goodreads, you should be. I’ve said it before, it’s like Facebook for readers on crack.” 


― Colleen Hoover





“Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life.” 


-Stephen Chbosky, The Perks of Being a Wallflower





Do not put off till tomorrow what can be put off till day-after-tomorrow just as well. – Mark Twain





“I don’t care about whose DNA has recombined with whose. When everything goes to hell, the people who stand by you without flinching–they are your family.” 


― Jim Butcher, Proven Guilty


“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you, or makes you happy.” 


― Robert Tew




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