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name of the authors

I was talking to someone last week about trivia contests and believe it or not, I have won a few. I used to be smarter I guess. And would not come as a surprise, that I used to do so well when it came to finding the name of the authors from their books. 

That gave me the idea for today’s post. Let me know if you are any good at bookish quizzes

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Name these authors!

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How did you fare? Were you able to find the name of these authors? Are you as interested as I am in trivia contest? Let us talk.

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  1. I LOVE quizzes !!

    Well. I have done 7 out of 12 ; thoses are popular books ?! Most of them I basically just guessed ahah 😂 I had only truly heard about maybe four of them…

  2. 12 out of 12. You almost flubbed me up on Jane Eyre, but right before I was about to click the wrong answer. I remembered the real author. Loved this little bit of trivia!


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