Quiz: Can you guess the authors of these famous books?

Books Authors Quiz

I love doing bookish quizzes, even if most of the time I score real poor on them. But hey they are usually fun to do and kill some time right? It has been a while since I did one of those quizzes here, so let us match the authors name to their books now.

Can you match the books to their respective authors here? Take a #Quiz here and share your score. Will you be the top scorer? No cheating! #bookquiz #trivia Click To Tweet

Try to beat your old score, if you can. Let us get on with it now. 

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Books Authors Quiz

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Do you like doing bookish quizzes? How much did you score? Do you want me to make another quiz, a little bit tougher? Let us talk.


  1. I totally got 10 out of 10!! Hahahha I didn’t expect that considering I guessed one or two. Still I agree these and fun and I love how you embed them in the post Gayathri. ❤️ Thanks for sharing!


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