Sunday Musings #43: One on the End of March Madness aka #monthlyWrapup

I love April and I am not sure if it had something to do with being my birthday month or the summer holidays we used to have when we were younger. Either way, I look forward to April right from January.

And this year I had huge plans for my birthday (this Friday April 12th) and the month as well but they feel through, thanks to the weird place am at with most of my relationships and friendships. Still, I am okay now and you guys (yes, you my online friends) have played a large part in that. Otherwise I would be too depressed to get out off bed.

But now I have posts to be written, books to be reviewed and DMs to be replied to. I guess keeping busy gets me through. For now. So let us get on with a quick recap on what happened in my life last month on the March’19 wrap up, shall we?

Let us get on with a quick recap on what happened last month on the March'19 wrap up and I will share the books I read, movies I watched and posts I loved! Click To Tweet

Quick March’19 updates

  • March 2019 started with a bang with Emirates Literature Festival where I got to volunteer for two weekends. I met so many cool authors like Sandhya Menon, Pierce Brown, Cassandra Clare, Holly Black et al, and got books signed up from them.
  • I met so many like minded readers in the form of other volunteers and attendees. And just seeing younger bookworms with their books  just makes me feel all warm and gooey. 
  • I found and joined a local book club called Bookworms of UAE, which is surprisingly active!
  • Oh before I forget we took a short holiday at the beach at Marjan Islands and somehow got a bit of the sun during the weird weather period. 
  • Speaking of the weather, Dubai, the desert city, had two full days of rain out of nowhere just as we returned from the beach. And to put all your questions to rest, we are back to the warm spring weather this week. 

What I read this month:

I read five books last month, bringing a total of 15 books for the year as of now. And I suppose I should be thanking all the book club choices because let us face it, otherwise I would not be reading as fast at all. 

So here are the ones I read this month on the March’19 wrap up , and remind me to update the A-Z 2019 page soon!

My monthly top picks

My monthly top picks from the movie world Why not make a list based on the entertainment value now that I have spent hours watching these series and movie right? So here they are on the March’19 wrap up!

  • The Umbrella Academy
  • Green book
  • Queer eye Season 3
  • Us
  • The Punisher Season 3 (now why would they cancel it!)
  • Captain Marvel
  • A star is born ( left me a sobbing mess)

Sorry couldn’t stop with five!

On my blog 

Here is a quick recap in case you missed my blog post last week.

Sunday Musings #42: One About A Short Holiday And The Spring

elgeewrites Sunday Musings #43: One on the End of March Madness aka #monthlyWrapup SS42F

Review shots: Christie’s murder mysteries

elgeewrites Sunday Musings #43: One on the End of March Madness aka #monthlyWrapup ChristieF

Discussion: Kinds Of Unreliable Narrators (No They Are All Not The Same!) 

elgeewrites Sunday Musings #43: One on the End of March Madness aka #monthlyWrapup Unreliable Narrator typesF

Quiz: Find The Book Title From Its Quotes 

elgeewrites Sunday Musings #43: One on the End of March Madness aka #monthlyWrapup quizQuotesF

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

Around the blogosphere

Let us talk about posts I loved from the blogging community last week now.

  • Being a multilingual myself, I resonated so much with Cat from Pages and Plots on her post on why she doesn’t read much in her own native language. Who else is with me on this one?
  • Dani’s post on Instagramming without being discouraged is a lifesaver, especially if you do not have a huge following yet, like me. Take a looksie!
  • Speaking about social media pressures, Sam from WLABB posted an awesome discussion post how she battles the social media game, which I seemingly have lost already. 
  • If you know Shruti then you have been warned enough. Read this hilarious post on the things that JK Rowling said about the Potterverse on her blog.
  • Ellyn posted this funny listicle of the problems that only bookworms face all the time. I couldn’t help sharing it.
  • Another awesome discussion post by Marie and this time it is on how we interact with the book blogging community.
  • The Orangutan Librarian posted this how to (not) read review guide and I wish every author read it, just to save the world from all the drama and personal attacks.

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Let us chat

How many books did you read last month? Did you watch any of these series and movies mentioned? What are your favorite posts of the week? Let us talk.


  1. Olivia Roach

    I am glad you were still able to enjoy your birthday a bit! I am so sorry you are going through a difficult time with your friends and family though :/ I also think that A Star is Born is a fantastic movie! I understand why you cried so much. And I really loved Fahrenheit 451 will go check out your review now. You’ve done some great bookworm things like meeting all those cool authors and joining a bookworm club!! Yay ^.^

    • Gayathri

      Thank you. And I watched the older A star is born recently, and I was sobbing at the end all over again.

  2. Dani Eide

    I’m so glad the Instagram post was a help. I know I fretted when I started taking pictures. Sounds like you had a great time at The Literary Festival. Sorry to hear about your birthday. I hope you still enjoyed yourself and treated yourself well. Yay for a new book club! ❤️❤️

    • Gayathri

      Thank you Dani! I had a restful Birthday this time.

  3. vidya

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday Gee 🙂 And I need to read all those books you mentioned (at least four of them have been kind of on my TBR for a while now..

  4. Stormi

    You had a great month!

    • Gayathri

      Thank you!

    • Gayathri

      I did too!

    • Gayathri

      Yes I did, thank you!

  5. terra

    happy birthday. sorry to hear your plans fell through but it looks like you read some good stuff.

    • Gayathri

      Thank you, I did that!

  6. Megan McNeill

    Great wrap-up. I also loved “A Star is Born.” Did you enjoy reading “The Woman in the Window”? I thought it was amazing.

    • Gayathri

      I liked it. I read it really fast and couldn’t put it down at all.

  7. Gemma

    I hope you have a great birthday. April is my birthday month too. I hope this month is just as good as your last.
    Gemma @ Gemma’s Book Nook

    • Gayathri

      Belated wishes on your Birthday Gemma!

  8. Rachel

    Sorry to hear about your birthday plans. I find that relationships and friends are ever changing. Sometimes for the good and sometimes not. Glad to hear the online community helped to ease some of that. You’ve had a nice and eventful March! Yay for getting to hang out with authors and other book lovers.

    Love Agatha Christie! Happy reading! 🙂

  9. Shelleyrae

    Happy Birthday for Friday, (it’s mine on the 14th), I hope you find a way to make the day special. I’m glad you’ve found a book club you can enjoy,

    Have a great reading week 🙂

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out- MY POST

  10. theorangutanlibrarian

    Wow that’s incredible you met Pierce Brown and Holly Black!! I’d love to meet them! And happy belated birthday! Lovely wrap up!

  11. Laura Thomas

    I’m sorry your plans fell through. And I hope you have a wonderful Birthday:) This online community continues to surprise me with how they give support and encouragement:)

  12. Literary Feline

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday, despite the plans that fell through. Your new book club sounds awesome. I am glad the Emirates Literature Festival went well. It sounds like you had a good reading month in March. I feel like I hardly read anything that month. I hope to do better this month, but we’ll see. I hope you have a great week!

  13. Andreea

    Happy birthday (I am early!). You read some of my favourite books – Fahrenheit 451 and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (I read this one in high school and I want to reread it to see if I enjoy it just as much).

    And all those shows!! I love Queer Eye! And I recently finished The Umbrella Academy – so I started to read the comics now because I need more of that show!

    I want to watch Us, unfortunately horror films really really really scare me – as in I do not sleep for the next 6 month, no matter how not scary it is.

    Oh, the entire cinema cried at A Star Is Born. I usually manage not to cry at the cinema, but I just couldn’t with that film.

    I wish you an amazing birthday month!

  14. Daniela Ark

    Glad to hear this community has been helping you through these hard times. Hope things get better soon! And yay for Pierce Brown! I love him!

  15. Shana@Crack A Book Cafe

    I love a star is born! I actually had low expectations so was pleasantly surprised:) Lovely post!

  16. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    Happy Upcoming Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and try to enjoy it. I’ve learned that a lot of people will come and go in your life. It’s important to let them go and try to not be too sad about it. Instead, concentrate on the people that make you a priority and have stuck around. Whether it’s other friends or family members 🙂 I love book festivals! It’s so much fun to meet other readers who like the same kind of books you do and your favorite authors! How awesome that you got to meet Holly Black and Cassandra Clare! I love their books! I’m not that greatest with Instagram either, and agree Dani’s post was awesome!

  17. Laurel-Rain Snow

    I also loved Green Book and A Star Is Born.

    The Woman in the Window was a great read. That book club sounds great. Thanks for sharing, and for visiting my blog. Have a great week.

  18. Tasha

    I hope that your birthday is still wonderful! The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is one of my daughters favourite books.

  19. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    Happy almost birthday! I’m sorry to hear that your relationships with your IRL friends have been weird lately, but I’m glad the book blogging world has been there to fill the gap.

  20. Ara @ Open Pages

    Last month was a slow reading month for me, but eventful in the fact that we had family stay with us for a while! I’m hoping I read more this month though! Hope your month is a good one. <3

  21. Sam@wlabb

    Whoo hoo! Start the birthday celebration! I hope you have a fabulous birthday month and I am glad to hear you are feeling a little better about things. I keep trying to find a book club, where they read books I like, but it never happens. That’s awesome that you found one and that it’s also active.

  22. Norrie

    Happy birthday! 🙂

    I’m totes with you & Cat on the reading language thing. I stopped reading in my native language. Most books i read are written in english to begin with, so the original is better. But even if not, i prefer the english translation. In my native language there is formal & informal way of speaking, and it just sounds super weird when i read books and the characters talk to each other in formal. The translation often doesn’t give the original atmosphere back either. Tried a few books parallel just to see and … just nope :/ They sounded like they were translated badly with google translate 😀

  23. Tânia @MyLovelySecret

    I’m so sorry about your birthday plans, but I’m sure you’ll have an amazing day. Keeping busy always helps (it’s helping me right now). That Literature Festival seems to have been a blast. I hope you’ve lots of fun on your new book club.

    Happy readings! 😉
    a href=””>Tânia @MyLovelySecret

  24. Greg

    Yay for your new bookclub! And happy birthday on the 12th!!!

    Thanks for the links!


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