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  • 8 Benefits of journaling for writers

    Do you like journaling for writers? Or have you given up writing a journal because of the pressure? What are your methods?

  • 8 Common grammar mistakes to avoid while writing

    Does writing seem daunting to you? For most people, writing doesn’t comes naturally. Here are few most common grammar mistakes in writing that even writers miss. I hope the list help you to avoid them and help you write like a pro! Common grammar mistakes in writing As someone who grew up with a healthy […]

  • 5 tips to working with beta readers

    Have you worked with beta readers before? Or have you acted as one yourself? Let us know about your beta reader experiences.

  • Finding a beta reader for your project

    Do you work with betareader?s What is on your list of where to find beta readers? What are your tips for finding a beta reader? Let us talk.

  • Social media for authors – Tips to build your online presence

    What social media platformsyou can’t do without? What do you think are the problems when it comes to social media for authors? Let us talk.

  • Choose the ideal beta reader: Qualities to look for

    Finding your ideal beta reader might seem to be daunting task, especially if it were your first time using the services of a professional beta reader. Let us talk about some of the qualities that you might want to look while you choose the ideal beta reader for your next manuscript. Choose the ideal beta […]

  • 35+ questions to ask beta readers

    Have you ever used a beta reading service and before? If you are a reviewer, can you think of any other questions that might help you decide if a book works for you or not? Let us talk.

  • Can You Find The Famous Authors: Quiz

    You thought my last quiz (Find The Name Of The Authors) was easy? Well I come prepared this time. I am warning my third edition of find the famous authors from their books is gonna be tougher. Find The Famous Authors So are you ready for this? Let us do it. Don’t forget to share […]

  • Paid to Proofread: Indie Guest Post

    It has been a hot minute since I had my last guest post by an indie author, right? But don’t worry, I am not going to make you wait any longer, for we have Sue Gilad writing about “Paid to Proofread”, which happens to be her book’s name as well. Let us get reading shall […]

  • Can beta readers steal your work?

    One of the major concerns for indie authors when hiring a beta reader is about the safety of their manuscript. Can beta readers steal my work? Will they publish my manuscript as theirs? Will they rip my beloved characters off me? These questions must plague your mind, and for right reasons.  As someone who is […]