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  • 20+ Amazing Books on World War 2

    Which of these books on World war 2 have you read and loved? Do you have a favorite WW2 fiction/non fiction? Let us chat.

  • Eight books that will make you smarter

    The book you choose to read makes a great difference in what you gain. You can choose a murder mystery or romance to get you to relax, but do they help you in gaining knowledge? What if I say there are books eight books that will make you smarter that are enjoyable too? Books that […]

  • Books to kick start the reading habit

    Are you a new reader who wants to kick start the reading habit? Or you may be returning to reading books for pleasure after a long gap? Either way if you are looking for book recommendations, I got you covered. How to choose books to help you read more? My criteria for this starter pack […]

  • Book Review: Feel Me Fall

    Who can survive the mighty Amazon jungle – The strongest or the smartest? What determines your survival – teamwork or the survival of the fittest? How far would you go to survive and where would you stop and let go?

  • My Favorite quotes from Jane Austen

    What are your favorite literary quotes from Jane Austen? Have you read all her books? Which is your favorite? Let us talk.

  • It’s Q & A time !

    So I wrote two reviews on two crappy books, which were romance and I am already flooded with¬†questions¬†on my reading habits and taste. Hmm maybe flooded is not exactly the word but yeah I have been asked by more than the usual two / three people who usually read my posts. And I seriously feel […]