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  • Book Tag: Reader Problems

    I have been tagged by Dorka from Berries and Books to do a question and Answer session on Reader problems. All I had to do was reply to the questions truthfully and tag friends who would be interested in doing the tag. 

  • Like it or not, reading is social now

    How did a self-satisfying hobby turn into a community driven project so soon? Do we not desire to disconnect from the world anymore?

  • Why I do not rate books on my blog?

    I started Musings Over Nothing as a personal catalog of the books that I read among other things. About 7 years ago (when I had not met Goodreads) I wanted a place to pour out all my thoughts and feelings about books, as if making my friends bored was not enough. And, I started writing […]

  • 10 reasons why I hate your book – Part 2

    How often do you quit a book you do not enjoy? What makes you stop putting yourself through hell? When do you say “I hate your book”?

  • 10 reasons why I hated your book – Part 1

    I am, like several others here, a reading addict. I read everything I can lay hands on, though the number of books I read has become drastically fewer these days. I push myself to be selective about the books I choose to read, and I almost have a half read book always at my arm’s […]

  • Lost art of meaningful conversations

    You know what I miss the most these days? Long meaningful conversations. Thanks to Whatsapp, FB and every other social connect there is no dearth for ‘hey whats up?, ‘what did you cook?’, ‘Ain’t it too hot these days?’ and my abhorrence to talking over telephone nowadays, I  cannot try and remember having a thoughtful conversation. […]

  • It’s Q & A time !

    So I wrote two reviews on two crappy books, which were romance and I am already flooded with questions on my reading habits and taste. Hmm maybe flooded is not exactly the word but yeah I have been asked by more than the usual two / three people who usually read my posts. And I seriously feel […]