Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

Hello people, 

The flu has finally shown signs of disappearing but has got me weak and tired. I even had to skip blogging for a while. But now that I am better, I just dropped in here to give a quick update on my week. 

Well, this week was spent mostly on bed, sleeping and trying to read between watering eyes and my runny nose. I was on Tamilfu which accounted for the sleepiness I guess. Anyway, I am better now and off my medicines. 

What I read this week

I finally finished my target of 35 books for the year and may even surpass it as there are two more weeks for the year end. 

And I also want to update that I completed the year’s A-Z Challenge successfully with One Part Woman by Perumal Murugan for the final O. Yay to me.

You can take a quick look on the books I read for this challenge and I will keep updating the links to my reviews as I write them.

On my blog

As for the Tidyathon, I created a new header and a color scheme for the blog. Let me know how you like them compared to my somber and professional colors earlier.

I hope I get to complete everything on my list before the new year. 

Here is a quick look on what I have been posting on my blog, this week.

My Sunday post on one where the flu took me down


My Monday review on Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu.


Around the blogosphere

I have finally gotten back to blog hopping, but haven’t had the chance to visit everyone yet. I will be there soon. 

Here are a few of the blogs I loved this week.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us talk

Let me know how your week has been. Do you have any plans for the weekend and how your reading challenges have been?