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I recently came across the Book Blogger tag on Bookwyrming Thoughts‘ blog and I loved the questions. So here I am answering the Book Blogger Tag, which apparently is ancient. But better late than never right?

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Book Blogger tag

I am gonna take this chance to talk about the things that happen behind the screen of this blog. And this tag is a good way to keep off my slump that might be around the corner now. Let us get on with it shall we?

How many times do you check your email every day?

I check my mail box twice a day, or less. But I also view them on my mobile notifications as they come in. Unless it is very important I do not respond right away.

I just wanted to mention this, I do not respond to review requests unless I am interested to review it. And looking at the number of unread mail I have currently, I definitely need a better system.

How many times a day do you go on Goodreads?

I don’t use Goodreads as much as I used to, a few years ago. I still go on to the site to post my reading updates as soon as I finish a book and to post my reviews.

That comes to almost twice a week, at the best.

How long does it take to you to edit your posts?

I recently updated my site’s theme, mainly to address this.

It took me way longer to edit my posts and do those formatting than I liked. So now I have made it much more simpler.

And also I love the Gutenberg editor as it makes the formatting much simpler, especially from other apps like Notion or Evernote.

Answering the question, it takes me anywhere from 10 to 45 minutes to get a written post up and live on the website.

What kind of laptop do you use?

I am currently using HP laptop, which is lighter, faster and definitely easy to use. But it is definitely an upgrade from 5+ years old Dell I used to have. It doesn’t hurt that this one has a touch screen and Tablet mode.

How often do you check your Twitter?

To be honest, I spend about 15 minutes or so almost daily on Twitter for MY BLOG. But I spend a LOT more time on book twitter during the day and while commuting (at least before the Covid virus lock downs).

I love Twitter, but it is also (one of) my big time sucker(s)!

Why do you use Blogger, WordPress, etc?

As much as I loved Blogger and customizing it, I took a call to move to self hosted WordPress in 2017 and it has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

I use(d) everything that I learnt from Blogger – HTML, CSS and generally keeping the blogging system (kind of) organized and I am loving it.

Are you good at keeping up with your reviews, tags, etc?

  • Reviews

sure, I have a spreadsheet (among the many) to keep a tab of the books I have read and I want to review. And I fairly have it under control – yay me!

Not so great at this but I catch up with them eventually. I can attribute it safely to the fact that I write up a very few tag posts and since they are far and between, many of the tags disappear and forgotten.

How many times a week do you post?

Generally I post four times a week on my blog.

  • Sunday – Weekly/Monthly wrap up posts
  • Monday – Book reviews
  • Wednesday – How to/Discussion posts
  • Friday – Recommendations/Listicles

I also a few guest bloggers posting on topics like Indie publishing, author recommendations and Friday Flyaway.

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Have you ever done the Book Blogger tag before? If you have not, or want to do it again, feel free to answer these questions here or on your blog. Let us talk.


  1. Sophia @ Bookwyrming Thoughts

    Yayay I’m so glad you did this tag, Gayathri; I enjoyed your answers!

    Surprisingly I love the block editor as well – now that I have to find a different way to blog, it’s so nice to just and copy and paste and keep the formatting without all the HTML junk that came with it back on the classic editor (plus I like being lazy and duplicating blocks as needed).

    Considering the complaints about Blogger lately, both of us probably made a good call to move when we did. I definitely have 0 regrets (other than goodbye money).

    • Gayathri

      Yes I love the ready to go copy and paste option!

  2. vidya

    Thank you for this post, G!! I was stumped as I wanted to do a behind the scenes post as part of a monthly challenge I was working on… and this was timely.. You can see my post up on my blog (will put it on book bloggers linkup on FB today anyways)..
    and I moved from Blogger to WP in 2017 as well.. 🙂

    • Gayathri

      Yay, I am glad you are joining this tag. Looking forward to your answers!


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