101 Things that you may not know about me!

People who do not know me, should read it to know me. 

And those who know me already, check out if you know it all, about me!

1.  I am a serious narcissist.
2.  But I try hard, not to overdo it.
3.  I am genuinely interested in knowing about people, their tastes and life.
4.  I remember most of them.
5.  I have difficulty remembering faces and places.
6.  But any number or name is quite easy for me to re-quote.
7.  I have a passion about reading.
8.  I have been reading since I was 5 years.
9.  The first novel I read on my own was “Oliver Twist”, when I was in my 2nd standard. {Around 6 yrs, I think}
10. My mom says I used trouble my uncle to make him read me, aloud his biology books… That says it all… Am an OVER ENTHUSIAST…
11. But I stopped reading when I turned 17 years
12. I revived the habit.
13. I am extremely frightened of cats.
14. We have so many of them roaming around near my place.
15. I wish there were some idea to chase them all.
16. My elder sister adores them.
17. That’s one of the 1000000 things that annoy me.
18. I like writing.
19. I write poetry. But I haven’t had anyone to judge if it were good poems actually.
20. I have been gifting my friends, poems on them on their birthdays, for the past 5 years.
21. My sun sign is Aries and I live true to its characteristics.
22. I see my horoscope regularly though I don’t believe them.
23. I am curious about new things, persons and places.
24. I talk a lot.
25. People say I am hyperactive.
26. My relatives constantly jeer me into bets.
27.  The most famous among them are “to stand still for 2 min”, “to keep quiet for 10 min”. I wonder why I haven’t won even a single of the lot.
28. I still am moved to tears while watching chick flicks.
29. I still watch Disney channel.
30. I am fascinated by Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge…
31. I feel rejuvenated re-ordering my room.
32. I love the smells of old and new books.
33. I have this annoying habit of putting too many full stops… and exclamatory marks!!! It is, after several rounds of corrections that I have had this list w/o much punctuation.
34. At school I was an above average student.
35. My favorite subject was English, closely followed by Math and science.
36. I never had cared about my grades.
37. I have never had my parents pushing me to study even at school days.
38. I have always been lazy and careless {as a matter of principle and convenience}
39. I procrastinate a lot.
40. I hate waiting.
41. Ironically, I am never punctual.
42. I either end going early or late everywhere.
43. So I don’t complain while waiting for others.
44. I have picked up the habit of writing journal from January 1, 09.
45. Last year, a couple of my friends and I took up the resolution not to litter around.
46. I love reading comic strips.
47. I think if Calvin was real, he would’ve made me a perfect friend.
48. Even as a little girl, I hadn’t had time for dolls and toys.
49. The only things I forced my dad to buy me were books.
50. I generally fall asleep as soon as I hit the bed.
51. I always have had real sound sleep.
52. I rarely have dreams at night but when I do, they are totally unrealistic.
53. The last dream I had was about “some temple like Angkor-Wat and beach near it”. Its real long since I’d even thought about either of them.
54. I normally visualize whatever I hear and read.
55. I am very proud of my vocabulary skills.
56. Am both an introvert and an extrovert!
57. I love playing with words inside my head.
58. I keep framing conversations between myself and my alter ego.
59. I love arguing. And sometimes I argue for both sides.
60. I sometimes feel I have multiple personality disorder { which I am  OK with and don’t consider as disorder at any case }
61. People say that I am a good teacher.
62. I can have immense of patience, if I want to.
63. I can’t tolerate ignorance.
64. I get more hurt when people ignore me, than when they talk more.
65. I have a large circle of real life friends.
66. I don’t like going to cinema halls or theatres.
67. I think they are suffocating.
68. But I seriously think the reason is I might not be able to talk for the whole 1 to 3 hours.
69. I could go on and on, over any topic in earth.
70. I love reading quotes esp., witty and sarcastic ones.
71. I take things in a lighter sense and can get away with it.
72. I strongly believe that I don’t have anything to regret about.
73. I am a hard core optimist and a pragmatist.
74. I am normally cheerful and can lighten any atmosphere.
75. I had a fracture when I was a kid.
76. I don’t drink any aerated drinks or alcohol for that matter.
77. Smell of any form of tobacco gives me headache.
78. Yeah… I am a teetotaler.
79. Except if u consider drinking coffee.
80. My life can’t go on without a cup of coffee at morning.
81. I wish I could have continued my exercises from my “karate” days.
82. I am not fat, but little plump
83. I believe it is all owing to my overall state of cheerfulness
84. I seriously believe “if u cant convince them, confuse them”.{ e.g. #82}
85. I genuinely think women are better than men in all aspects.
86. I also think they are more complex { I hope most of them would agree with me } and I feel proud of that.
87. I feel men’s minds are so shallow, easy to understand and women’s are deep.
88. I should be working now.
89. But I haven’t got the mood.
90. By the time I get it, it would be time to go home.
91. So invariably, I have to postpone it {#41}
92. I feel the quote “I work on the principle of Rockets, not that I fly high… I don’t start working till my tail is on fire” is written just for me.
93. I have never had prepared a list for anything before this.
94. I have written these 100 things about me in just than 2 hours.
95. Who said this is tough? I find it fun.
96. I wouldn’t mind writing another list of 100 things about me.
97. I repeat #1
98. I am preparing another list right now. I sort of enjoy doing this.
99. I think I would name it “25 things to do before I turn “25”
100. Yeah… Am turning 25 in less than 6 months… GEESH!!
101. I am so proud to be myself and I love myself {#1 }

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