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  • Quotable quotes: And the Mountains Echoed is full of them!

    I rarely gush books. Okay, that is a lie. But I could say the number of books that I hold close to my heart are few and they are special. One of such books is And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hossieni. You can read my raving review about the book here and when you […]

  • Book review: The Sentimental Terrorist

    If I had to list out the top ten of my most favorite books, at least two would be about Afghanistan. Given their rich and diverse culture and complex history, it has always been a pleasure reading about the country. So when I got the review request for┬áThe Sentimental Terrorist: A Novel of Afghanistan, I […]

  • Book Review: And the Mountains Echoed

    I just have to begin with I love Khaled Hossieni. There is something magical (sounds cliche I know) about his writing, his choice of words, metaphors and not the least the portrayal of human emotions. This is the second book of his that I am reading (and his third book) and I should say I […]