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  • Can You Find The Famous Authors: Quiz

    You thought my last quiz (Find The Name Of The Authors) was easy? Well I come prepared this time. I am warning my third edition of find the famous authors from their books is gonna be tougher. Find The Famous Authors So are you ready for this? Let us do it. Don’t forget to share […]

  • Mother’s day quiz: How well do you know them?

    It is almost mother’s day and you thought I would forget about the customary post, didn’t you? Well, I have not, quite surprisingly. And without any further ado, are you ready for pop quiz in relation to mother’s day? Try to beat your old score, if you can. Let us get on with it now.  […]

  • Can you guess the authors of these famous books?: Bookish Quiz

    I love doing bookish quizzes, even if most of the time I score real poor on them. But hey they are usually fun to do and kill some time right? It has been a while since I did one of those quizzes here, so let us match the authors name to their books now. Try to […]

  • Quiz: Find The Book Title From Its Quotes

    It has been a while since we did a quiz in here, right? So that is what we will do today. How many books can you name based on quotes from them? How well do you know your bookish quotes? If you like this one you might take a look at the previous one here, […]

  • Quiz: Find out the book title by rearranging the letters

    It has been a while since we did some quizzes here right? So here we are to change things a bit.  I love doing anagrams as much as every other crossword junkie here. And I am here to mix two of my obsessions – books and rearranging letters. So let us find out if you […]

  • Find the name of the authors: Quiz

    I was talking to someone last week about trivia contests and believe it or not, I have won a few. I used to be smarter I guess. And would not come as a surprise, that I used to do so well when it came to finding the name of the authors from their books.  That […]

  • Which Female Literary Character are you?: Quiz

    I love it when I relate to the characters of a book I love. And I was super excited to created this quiz, so that you can find out which Female Literary Character you are similar to! Don’t you feel better when you find some characteristics of yours in another person, even if it just […]

  • Can you guess the book from its quotes?

    Given the love for quotes, how would you fare if you attempted to guess name the book based on its quotes? Go on, give it a chance you might like it.  Guess the book from its quotes Y’all know I am obsessed with quotes from books. I mean who isn’t right? But seriously, if you […]

  • Can you guess the book title based on its character?

    I love taking fun quizzes online on everything from trivia about geography to what is my gangsta name. But quizzes related to books are the ones I enjoy the most. So let us try this out here. How many books do you read every year? Do you remember all the characters from the books you […]

  • Quiz: What type of reader are you?

    For every book out there, there is a reader. Find out what type of reader you are and find out whom you match with among your friends.