Join the Comment 4 Comment Challenge 2019!

Join the Comment 4 Comment Challenge 2019!

Being a successful blogger may mean different things to different people. But we all have to agree that getting a comment or a share on our blog definitely makes us a happy blogger. Even after a year of blogging on Elgee Writes I still love waking up to new comments on my posts.

Stop shouting into the void!

Blog engagement is crucial to making us motivated to keep blogging. It is that kind of validation we all love from our peers. Otherwise I might be just shouting at the void, right? 

Well, we all need a community.

Last year I joined the 365 days commenting hosted by Read Write Love 28 and failed at it miserably. Obviously it was too much for me and I dropped out fairly early of the game. Apparently I need some encouragement and a lot of support to get to doing what I am supposed to do anyway. 

Bloggers comment junction

So I asked for help from my dear bloggers in forming a community to continue visiting and commenting in each other’s blog. I was not surprised at the turnout because who would not want to make a new blogger friend right? You can still sign up for the bloggers comment junction here.

Comment 4 Comment Challenge

In the spirit of new year, why don’t give it a new start? 

Welcome to the new and upgraded Comment 4 comment blog challenge 2019.

Yes you heard it right!

What is the Comment 4 Comment Challenge (C4CC)?

Blogging is a social activity. Blog engagement requires both giving and receiving. If that sounds interesting to you, this challenge is for you. 

The challenge is to ‘leave no comment un-replied and un-returned’.

The challenge is two pronged:

Replying to a comment you received on your blog
And then
Visiting their blog to leave a comment

If you feel you are up for this challenge, SIGN UP right away. 

What is the goal anyway?

If you have any of the following as goal for your blog this year

  • Be more social 
  • Make more blogging friends
  • Improve blogging engagement
  • Increase the number of comments on your blog, organically
  • Increase your blog followers
  • Follow more blogs 

Then this Comment 4 Comment Challenge (C4CC) for you!

How can you participate in this challenge?

  • Sign up for the challenge here 
  • Grab my button and add on your blog
  • Follow my blog and leave a comment on my blog
  • Reply to every comment you receive on your blog
  • Share the news on social media
  • Bring in your buddy and as they say, the more the merrier. 

Grab me!

Comment 4 Comment
Grab this button from the sidebar

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Comment 4 Comment

Let us chat!

What are your blogging goals for the year? What is the main obstacle in reaching them? Have you found a solution yet? Let us talk.

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Join the Comment 4 Comment Challenge 2019!

Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies

Hello new week!

Last week turned out super fun. My cousin had to my city on official grounds and we got to hang out a bit in the evenings and on Friday (being a weekly holiday).

On Friday, we went to the Museum of Illusions. It had lots of puzzles to be solved and its main attraction was the optical illusion tricks. We ended up clicking many pictures. 

elgeewrites Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies Illusions3
She is cooking my head!
elgeewrites Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies Illusions1
No clue what we are doing!
elgeewrites Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies Illusions2
And we are upside down. 

On the other news, I finally got back to running, thanks to the pleasant climates that gets me going. But I am not going to talk more about it, lest I will jinx myself. Right?

What I read this week:

I didn’t read at all this week. I am surprised, shocked and guilty about it. Until now I hadn’t even realized that I hadn’t picked up a book. 


I will rectify the situation this week.

What I watched this week: 

In the spirit of Halloween, I watched (or re-watched) three horror movies and ended up freaking myself. 

  • Annabelle Creation
  • Annabelle and
  • Lights out

elgeewrites Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies HorrorM1         elgeewrites Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies HorrorM2      elgeewrites Sunday Musings #19: One About Illusions And Horror Movies HorrorM3

Out of the three I think Annabelle Creations has lots of jump scares and they definitely spooked me out. 
What are your favorite horror movies?

On the blog

I didn’t do bad this week, though I wrote only three posts instead of the target four. But I am cutting myself some slack.

Around the blogosphere

While I have not caught up with everyone’s blog, I promise I will definitely do that soon. Here are my picks from the bookish world.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Horror movies

Let us chat

How was your week? What are your Halloween nights like? Horror movies – yours picks? Let us chat.

Horror Movies
Join the Comment 4 Comment Challenge 2019!

Do I Obsess Over Page Views?

I am participating for the first time in the Book Blogger Hop hosted by  Ramblings of a Coffee Addicted Writer.

Each week a fellow blogger asks a question and the participants make a post answering the question. The goal is to make new friends and know more about the bloggers who are participating. So let us get with it shall we?

Question of the week

This week’s question was submitted by Elizabeth @ Silver’s Reviews and she asks

Do you sneak a peek at the number of views your posts have gotten?

Do I obsess over page views?

YES, while I don’t obsess over the numbers, I do check my page views at least once a week. 

As the data and spreadsheet obsessed nerd that I am, I even note the weekly views and have plotted a graph out of it. And the graph looks good curve these days, you guys. Thanks to all your comments and shares.

How do I track my page views?

To be honest I am not an expert by any chance on Google Analytics, I use it to check the performance of the posts and understand the demographics.

Another statistics I kinda check weekly is my Alexa rank. Again I have no idea why I even follow that, except that I do.

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elgeewrites Do I Obsess Over Page Views? BHP1

Let us talk

So what other blog related data do you guys follow? And if you have had figured what to do with these data, please let me know. Something good might turn out of being a nerd even. Let us chat.

Join the Comment 4 Comment Challenge 2019!

Introducing: Spotlight Sunday

As I promised earlier there are going to be a lot of changes in my blog this year. Among the first of these changes, I will be posting thrice a week and do a weekly round up post, instead of my weekly twice schedule.

I know I know, I might be biting more than I can chew, but hey you can’t blame me for trying, can you?


Around the blogosphere

So this is what I propose. I will bring to you news from around the bookish world and some from the dark side, erm.. non bookish world, as well under the section that we will call as Spotlight Sunday. If you think your post deserve a spot on my article, feel free to tweet the link to me.

1) Well, it may not come as a surprise that I love Andrea Gibson and their poetry. I read this post on their Facebook page and couldn’t stop reading it again and again. I still think it was the best way to bid adieu to the past year.


2) Who said all the parties and games should end with the New Year’s Eve. Check out Britt’s Photo Scavenger hunt which runs until March 31 and there is even a prize of 50$. All you have to do is click photos fulfilling the given conditions.

3) Speaking of the new year, I know all of you have enough of plans and resolutions done. If you are like me, following through with them would be the toughest. ‘It doesn’t have to be’ says the compulsive list maker Shantala. Read her review on The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande, which she swears will; ‘not only improve efficiency, but also have the ability to save time, money, and even lives’.

4) I have promised to start reading non -fiction books again and I found this amazing list of books on time management from Bookriot. I am definitely hitting the list again

Did I ever tell you my blogger community has the best people in the world.. EVER?

5) First we have Evelina who started the #NewBloggers 101 series to help out new bloggers who have just forayed into the book blogging world. This week she writes about the right time to start requesting ARCs from publishers and more.

6) Do you feel the blogging schedule too hard to keep up? Thinking of trying out co-blogging. REad Bookidote’s guide on the perks of co-blogging before you take a decision.

7) So once in a while I get all happy that I get to work from home and get to not rush through the traffic to reach the workstation. My mom still doesn’t understand what I do all day staring at the laptop. Well here is how I do what I do, mom. Don’t judge me.

8) Can you check how well do you remember the first lines of your favorite books? Well, I don’t. I got 6 on 20 and I suck, I know. What about you? Try it here.

9) If you are into book blogging, or not, Modern Mrs Darcy may not be a new name to you. I have been following her for a long time now. Read how you can support your favorite authors.


10) This one made me laugh. And think. Somehow this happens to me repeatedly. I am like, why would even bother explaining.

On my blog

a) Wanna start the year with a classic? Check out The Chess by Stephen Zweig

Chess Story

b) How did I fail my 2018 resolution already? I know, I have a talent.


c) Read about my favorite sidekicks and give them a shout out. They are cool too.


I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us talk

That is all from my part for the week, folks.
Did you read anything interesting this week? Let me know through the comments.