Sunday Musings #52: Wondering If Friendships Are Difficult As Adults

I wish it wasn’t as hard to keep up with each other as adults. Do you ever feel friendships become more difficult to maintain as we grow into adults?

After so many cancellations, I caught up with some of my friends yesterday and I can’t believe how three hours just flew away. We discussed from the disaster that Game of Thrones’ last season to what we will be doing for the next year’s literature festival.

Of course we dissected each other’s current reads and shared more recommendations – you know just bookworm things!

Do you ever feel friendships become more difficult to maintain as adults? Read more of my rants and the other things that happened last week on my #SundayPost #weeklywrapup #linksIlike Share on X

Anyway here is another interesting conversations I had with fellow bloggers last week about wordpress followers. You know I have been blogging for quite a while here right? But you will be shocked to know my follower count. It is so few I don’t even wanna mention it. Yes, I am not thrilled, but the others were shocked! Yes it is that low.

So help me understand how to gain more followers on WordPress. And if you had not hit the follow button on my blog yet, do it right away.

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I always return them and as you know I am sincere at leaving comments on other blogs. 

What I read this week

This week has been a mess of sorts in terms of my reading. I have three books that I have left halfway and completed just one of them, that a children classic. Now I need to figure it out before it turns out into a reading slump, right?

I am currently reading

  • Queenie
  • The Mystery of the Blue Train
  • The Unhoneymooners

I finished reading Charlotte’s web by E. B. White. Can you believe I have never even heard of this book until it was chosen to be the BOTM of the ClassicsNChristie book club?

What I watched this week

Is it just me or Big Little Lies was not all that great? I mean I enjoyed watching it but I never felt invested in any of the characters and felt utterly annoyed at every single one of them. While, I agree their acting was brilliant but I guess ‘meh’ to everything else about it. 

I watched Murder Mystery with Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler and I really liked. Cheesy dialogues, a cliched Christie-sque set up and murders to solve – I mean, what is not to like!

I also caught up on a few episodes of Good girls season two and that, I truly loved and felt invested in. I might binge the rest this week. Have you watched it?

On my blog

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friendships as adults

I reviewed The Hating Game by Sally Thorne on Monday

friendships as adults

On Wednesday I posted Blogging Terms You Have To Know As A Book Blogger 

Blogging Terms Featured image

Get to know more about me through my Why I Am Weird post.

friendships as adults

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme

Around the blogosphere

Here are a few of my favorite reads from around the book blogging world in the last week. Let me know which are your favorites.

  • Krysta on Pages Unbound made me think a lot about the changes book blogging has gone through in the last decade or so. Do give it a read. 
  • My mind blew its top as I read Kelly’s post on Does engagement equal success as a blogger? I am sure you will enjoy her perspective on successful blogging.
  • If you DNF books often, you need to follow this nifty trick on Goodreads by having an exclusive shelf. Many of us do it already but if you are finding out just now about it, thank Inkish Kingdom for the idea.
  • Do you pick books marketed as the next Harry Potter or Gone girl? Marija’s post on how important book marketing is on Inside my library mind opens a discussion on this topic. 

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friendships as adults

Let us chat

How has your week been? How do you even keep up with adult friendships? Share with me your secrets to gaining followers on WordPress. Let us talk


  1. Karen E Alderman

    I’m not particularly social or like to go in groups so I find that texting and SM help me stay in touch with friends more lol but yes, adulthood is a real time stealer!

    My stats are so far down now that I don’t even look. I used to have a lot of views in my first few years but really burned out so for me, I’m just happy with my core little group and no pressure blogging.

    From what I’ve heard from other bloggers – everyone’s stats are way down these days.

    Karen @ For What It’s Worth

  2. Sim @ Flipping Through the Pages

    It is always good to catch up with your old friends. I wish I can catch up with my old friends too.
    Ahh, don’t ask about WordPress followers. Next month I’ll complete two years of blogging and my followers’ count is not even 500 🙁 I think we both are on the same track.
    Haha, I am glad you are reading all the books of Classic and Christie club, though I am not able to read any, despite being the club host 😀

  3. DJ Sakata

    I think it depends on the friend

  4. Jenn @ Bound to Writing

    Having friendships as an adult is so complicated because schedules are always so different. I wish I knew how to increase follower count on WordPress, but my blog has been at a standstill for awhile now. I hope you have a fantastic week! 🙂

  5. Nikki @ Saturday Nite Reader

    As an adult I don’t think it’s difficult maintaining for the sake of not growing apart. the difficulty lies in the finding time! Oh to be a carefree early twenty year old again 😉

  6. Nadene @totallyaddictedtoreading

    Adult friendships are hard to maintain, due to busy schedules. I like Murder Mystery too, it cheesy but fun.

    I follow by Bloglovin

  7. Kymber Hawke

    I think friendships as an adult are harder, too. But, my three closest friends and I have been friends for many years.

  8. Erica Metcalf

    I definitely think finding new friendships as an adult is super hard. I was getting super frustrated with it until I joined and went to a few various meet ups. I definitely recommend that site! It’s so cool to see the different groups in your area! I met a woman who is now one of my best friends thanks to meet up! 🙂

  9. Laura Thomas

    It is harder to keep up with friends as adults. So many priorities get in the way. Many of my friends have drifted away. It would be fun to catch up again:) And I would love to meet in person my new blogging friends!

  10. Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

    I prefer following people on WP (I already follow you), it’s actually more user friendly than feedly and Bloglovin, though I have both of them too. It helps if the button is prominently displayed in both web and tablet view.

    Have a great reading week

  11. Nicci @ Sunny Buzzy Books

    I agree that it’s so hard to maintain friendships as an adult. I think that it’s especially difficult when those friends are outside your day-to-day existence. For example, I don’t live anywhere close to my school/uni friends so staying in touch with them is harder than those I see in passing and who live close by. Sigh

    Sorry about your follower count. I don’t have wordpress so can’t follow blogs via wordpress… That’s why I use bloglovin’.

  12. Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    It is hard for me to keep in contact with my friends now that I’m older. Most of them have become acquaintances on facebook. It sounds like you had a tough week in reading. Hopefully, next week goes better! I’ve been wanting to read The Hating Game! I heard it’s really good! Happy Reading!!!

  13. Greg

    I think it is harder to maintain friendships as adults… or at least to get together or stay in touch. I know for me it’s a matter of distance too- we all seem to live in different places.

    Good luck with the reading! Mine has been down as well. The Mystery of the Blue Train is a Christie, right? Sounds very familiar.

    I hope Big Little Lies picks up for you! I liked the first episode but it wasn’t amazing or anything- I’m hoping for a good season. 🙂

  14. Sam@wlabb

    I did find it hard to maintain my adult relationships. Mostly due to geography, but also obligations. Now that my daughter is grown, most of the friends still have school aged kids and all the mom duties that go with that. I read Charlotte’s Web as a child and it devastated me.

  15. Rachel

    I followed you Gayathri! Hope it helps. I always appreciate new followers.

    I heard a lot of people were disappointed by Game of Thrones. I haven’t started season 2 of Big Little Lies yet so I guess we’ll see. I liked the first season of BLL, but the book was better. I didn’t like some of the casting, like Reese’s husband. He gives me the creeps, and he isn’t what I pictured at all for his character.

    Loved The Hating Game. 🙂

  16. Anne - Books of My Heart

    I loved The Unhoneymooners. I still have my childhood paperback of Charlotte’s Web. I think there’s an animated movie version now too. Have a wonderful week!

  17. Flora

    I haven’t written a Sunday Post this week but thought I’d still visit some friendly bloggers 😉

    I think it’s harder as an adult too due to our more busier lives, although when I d get together with my mates it’s like not a day has passed since we saw each other. <3

    I did enjoy the last season of Big Little Lies but haven’t started watching season 2; I felt they just wanted to cash in on a success, I wasn’t sure where they’d take the characters and my warm fuzzy feeling for it would be corrupted. I’ll keep reading your thoughts about it.

    I hope you have a great week and enjoy your reads, Gayathri.

    @Flora’s Musings…

  18. Tanya @ Girl Plus Books

    Friendships are definitely harder to maintain as adults. Everyone has careers, spouses or partners, maybe kids, and life is just busy in general. It’s difficult to carve out time for everyone in our lives. I’ve been blogging for over 3 year and my following is very low. I guess I’m just not willing to put in the time and effort to promote it? I feel like I’d have to be constantly posting on social media to promote the blog and gain followers and I’m just not willing to spend that amount of time on it. sigh

  19. Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    I agree that friendships are much harder to maintain as an adult. I’ve lost touch with all of my old friends, and it makes me so sad. I also feel like it’s harder to make friends as an adult.

    I followed you via WP. Previously I was only following via Bloglovin’. I tend to use Bloglovin’ more often, but I know that many people prefer WP—you actually inspired me to add a WP button to my blog so people can follow me that way if they want to. 🙂

    • Gayathri

      I follow everyone on Feedly but I realized that doesn’t show up as follower as the count. So I am following everyone on the WP reader too. I followed you on WP now, too!

  20. Genesis @ Whispering Chapters

    I follow you on Bloglovin! It’s easier for me to follow blogs on there or on Feedly (where I also follow you) 🙂 It’s so true on the friendships and time. It’s so hard to get together! Especially now that my friends are all over. Some are still in Puerto Rico and others are in different states. Now in summer, we will all be in PR at the same time so we’re planning on meeting up 🙂 I do not pick up books based on marketing like you mention. To me, I value more the opinion of other readers/bloggers that I follow. As for dnf shelf, I do have one! I only have 17 books in total in it. Have a lovely week, Elgee!

    • Gayathri

      Thank you for following me! Yes, it is kinda same with me, my friends being in different places. And I depend on bloggers and friends for book recommendation too.


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