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  • A Dog’s Tale by Mark Twain: A Book Review

    Can you name one book that you love with all your heart and would not mind recommending it to any one, regular readers or not? For me it would be A Dog’s Tale by Mark Twain. Care to read why I love it so much? Read on. About A Dog’s Tale Title: A Dog’s Tale […]

  • Book Review: Find Virgil

    Now that we are living on the age of “intolerance” and cries against and for moral policing, I could not have chosen a better timing to read this book. What if one person decide to clean up the nation off tobacco? And what could one man do? Read ahead. Title:  Find Virgil ISBN: 9780984594573 Author:  Frank Freudberg Genre: Fiction […]

  • My Favorite quotes from Jane Austen

    What are your favorite literary quotes from Jane Austen? Have you read all her books? Which is your favorite? Let us talk.

  • Younger by Pamela Redmond Satran: Book review

    Have you read Younger by Pamela Redmond Satran? What about the TV series adaptation of Younger, have you watched it? Let us talk.

  • Shine like a diamond

    The D day was just announced. Her parents were running around busy booking the marriage venue and food caterers. Madhavi knew this was the beginning of the end of her life as she knew. She understood and accepted it, she was looking forward to it. She had had the best in everything till now, and […]

  • Book review: I am Ella. Buy Me

    What would you do when nothing goes right in your life? What would you to keep your finance trouble at bay? No, I am not talking about my own life, but the life of Ella from the book I am Ella. Buy Me. Book: I am Ella. Buy Me Author: Joan Ellis Genre: Fiction – […]

  • Book review: Ivy’s Envy

    Book: Ivy’s Envy Author: Latashia FigueroaGenre: Fiction – HorrorMain Characters: Ivy, Thomas Miles, Grandma ShirleySeries: Want & Decay Trilogy # 1 I have always liked reading horror and psychological thrillers, but when I read the blurb of Ivy’s Envy I was not sure if I would like it. But I was proved wrong and I […]

  • Book Review: Sea Glass

      Sea Glass is a historical fiction set during the periods of Great Depression of 1930s at the USA and it is effect on the villagers of Ely Falls. I finished the book only when I was travelling in train – so took not more than 6 hours. I no longer remember where I picked […]

  • Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines

    So there is this book. You hear rad reviews about the author. His quotes are everywhere. And you pick it with all high hopes. Just to be sorely disappointed. Still you read on hoping it would get better. You are bored. You start doubting if it was you. You continue reading as you don’t usually […]

  • Book Review: A Minute to Death

    The only difference for me as a reader between romance and thriller is the speed and rhythm of your heart beat. A good romance or for that matter a novel on any relationship can and should make your heart beat slightly faster but mixed with gushy gooey mixture of every emotion though not in a […]