2021 plans: What to expect of me

2021 plans: What to expect of me

While this is not exactly the “New year, new me” moment, I just wanted to talk about the 2021 plans for Elgee Writes to give you an idea of what to expect during this year.

What are my 2021 plans?

I also consider this post as a part of my goal setting process that will help me following it more consistently. So fingers crossed, eh?

Reading Plans

Without a reading plan and schedule I am inclined to slide into a reading slump. And that’s why I join up as many reading challenges as I can, just to keep me motivated.

Goodreads Reading Challenge 2020

I have been reading 45 books or so for the past few years. So I think I can safely increase it to 52 in 2021.

I know it doesn’t sound like much when you compare the 100s of books that other bloggers read in a year. But it is definitely a challenge for me to reach this number considering how busy I get around the mid year.

Target: 52

2021 Nonfiction Reader Challenge

I read non fiction books once in a while. But I want to make it official in 2021, and I will participating in the Nonfiction Reader Challenge hosted by Bookdout.

I will probably read more of Self help and essay collections under this category.

Target: Nonfiction Nibbler – Read 6 books, from any category

Books in Translation Reading Challenge 2021

Another reading challenge that I am participating this year would be the Books in Translation, where we read translated books (from any language to any other language, not just English).

I have been wondering why I have not read as many Indian regional literature as I would like to have, and I would be correcting it in 2021.

Target: Conversationalist: 4-6 books

Reading more classics

I have been trying to do this in the past few years but I have not covered a lot. So I think 2021 might be the year that I actually read more classics, including children’s.

Anyone has a good reading list or guide to follow? Please do share.

Blogging plans and actions

After a tumultuous year that broke most of us emotionally and mentally, I just need an action plan to go forward. You know, an attempt to make things more normal. So here comes by blogging plans for 2021.

Blogging content

I have a fairly regular blogging schedule and I hope I don’t have to change it – because it works for me and you guys, based on my statistics.

  • Sunday – Personal and blog related updates
  • Monday – Book reviews
  • Wednesday – Discussion posts related to books, blogging or self development.
  • Friday – Listicles, quotes and quizzes. An occasional guest post.

I love how far I have come in making the schedule consistent, despite 2020, and I hope it continues.

I will be joining Nicole and Shannon’s Book Blog Discussion Challenge in 2021 as well, and it has become a staple in my yearly challenges. Nicole and Shannon, thanks for hosting it.

Action plan

  • Do a series on quotes, again
  • Create a resource page for authors and bloggers

Increasing blog engagement

Just like every other blogger here, I love getting comments and shares on my posts. The more the merrier.

I started the Comment 4 comment challenge in 2019 and it turned out to be a success. And then 2020 happened where we struggled to just float.

But I am hoping 2021 will be different and that is why I have resurrected the Comment 4 comment challenge from dead. You can read all about it here and it is not too late to sign up.

Join us to leave no comment un-replied and un-returned!


  • Visit blogs I follow at least weekly once.
  • Reply to all the comments on my blog
  • Return the comments by visiting their blogs
  • Learn to care about the follower counts and blog statistics.

Final note

Though it is 2021, we are still under the throes of the pandemic and we are not yet normalcy. I am not going to be trying too hard or be stressing myself with these plans, but using these action plans as guidelines and take it as they come.

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Let’s talk

What are your reading and blogging plans like? Do you engage in a yearly planning process? Tell me more about your 2021 plans. Let us chat.

2021 plans: What to expect of me

Join the Comment 4 Comment Challenge 2021!

I might be a little later than usual but I am excited to announce that the Comment 4 comment challenge is back on for 2021! It is time to get back on the wagon as a conscious effort to increase the engagement and commenting on our blog. Are you ready for this?

Blog engagement is the key!

Despite what we tell ourselves about how we blog for ourselves or how it is just a hobby, we love getting comments on our posts and meeting new likeminded bloggers.

Without such validation via comments or shares we may as well be just screaming into the void. Trust me that is just a sure shot way into blogger burnout – something that we all dread.

Let’s build a blogger’s community

Of course, leaving comments for the sake of commenting might get a tad exhausting too. And that is why, I strongly believe in building a community of bloggers who support and promote each other.

Comment 4 Comment Challenge

The comment 4 comment challenge has been greatly successful in the past (2018, 2019). I am sure the participants gained quite a number of blogger friends who not just commented and shared on their blogs, but also gained a good support system.

Let’s rebuild that one. Welcome to C4CC-2021 edition!

What is the Comment 4 Comment Challenge (C4CC) 2021?

The major issue for any small blogger is building an audience and increasing their blog engagement. And that means getting more visitors, comments and shares on your blog. If that sounds interesting to you, this challenge is for you.

The goal of C4CC is ‘leave no comment un-replied and un-returned’.

What do you have to do?

  • Replying all the comments you received on your blog
  • Visiting the said commenter’s blog to leave a comment

If you feel you are up for this challenge, SIGN UP right away.

What is the goal anyway?

If you have any of the following as goal for your blog this year

  • Be more social
  • Increase the number of comments on your blog, organically
  • Make more blogging friends
  • Improve blogging engagement
  • Increase your blog followers
  • Finding similar blogs

Then this Comment 4 Comment Challenge (C4CC) for you!

How can you participate in this challenge?

  • Sign up for the challenge here 
  • Grab my button and add on your blog
  • Follow my blog and leave a comment to this post.
  • Share the news on social media
  • Bring in your buddy and as they say, the more the merrier.

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Have you signed for the Comment 4 Comment Challenge 2021 edition? Were you part of the past years’ challenges? What are your blogging goals this year? Let us chat.

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