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  • Dinner, The – A book review

    How far would you go to save your loved one from the law and public eye when you know they are guilty? Would your stance change if it was only you that knew they were guilty? Well, the Dinner is based on this dilemma and much more.  I came across the Dinner when I was […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Let Us Go Dutch

    And we are back on time for an awesome guest post from Dutch blogger under our Flyway Friday feature. Are your prepared with the basic facts on Netherlands? I also posted some books to take us virtually around the country.  If you like these posts, you might take a look at our previous trips to […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Books that will take you to Netherlands

    Welcome to the second week on Netherlands’ edition of the Flyaway Friday! Are you ready to fly off to the Land of Tulips? We even gave you a travel guide to Netherland last week. Do not forget to check it out! Books That Will Take You To Netherlands You do know how we travel to […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Let us talk about Netherlands

    It is Friday and that means I come bearing some exciting news about travel. Yes it is time to announce where we will be travelling for this month’s Flyaway Friday feature. So are you all ready? We will be travelling off to Netherlands. So if you are still wondering what we are upto, let me […]