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  • Atomic Habits by James Clear: Summary Part 3

    If creating a new habit or ditching an old habit is hard for you, then should give Atomic Habits by James Clear a try. The book is brilliant and offers many practical solutions to habit building problems.  But Atomic Habits is long and about 400+ pages, making it harder for people, especially the ones that do […]

  • Summary of Atomic Habits Part 2

    We are already in June, how many of your new resolutions are still going strong? How long did they last? Be it getting fit or reading more, creating a habit is hard admittedly. But if you have heard of Atomic Habits by James Clear, you know there is a way.  About the book And to help […]

  • Book Summary of Atomic Habits

    I have been hearing about Atomic Habits for a while now and there was a period when I was obsessed with James Clear’s website too. I finally got to read the book Atomic Habits recently, thanks to my new habit of rising an hour earlier in the morning, and I thought why not share the […]

  • Review shots: Self help books for those who don’t read non fiction AKA the ultimate self help books starter pack

    In this December’s edition of the review shots, I will be reviewing books that got me started with self help. Yes I went through a phase for reading those dreaded self help when I was in my high school. I just couldn’t get enough of them and they were hard come by because, let us face […]