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  • Review shots: A comic, poetry and World War memoir

    It has been a while since we spoke about Non Fiction¬†books here, hasn’t it? In the May’s edition of review shots I am going to talk about three different kinds of non fiction – a poetry from a new age poet that I love, a comic about us,¬†and a world war II memoir. Did I […]

  • Me Talk Pretty One Day: A Book review

    Have you read Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris? What is your favorite memoir? Is it funny? Let us talk.

  • Adulting the right way!: Mini Reviews

    As someone who loves to-do lists and makes a lists for making lists, in an attempt to control my chaotic life, I decided to read books that would help me doing that as the first books of the year. Yes I read three books already, and yes they were all non fiction. I am surprised […]

  • Book Review: Why not me?

    When I read Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? years ago, I had been watching The Mindy Project on my television. And the show was before it became famous, I was even worried they would cancel it off. It may have something to do with the fact that there weren’t enough shows that revolved around a […]

  • Review Shots: A mix of Poetry, cartoon and a dash of business strategies

    There are a few perks of being a person (that’s me!!) who reads all the genres of books. The best thing would be being able to switch from a super cute YA romance to a feminist masterpiece without much ado. Once in a while it helps me to move away from the fictitious world to the […]

  • Book review: I’m not from Around Here

    Y’all by now should know that I have a weakness for World War II stories. My curiosity towards Holocaust and the tragedies related to that has lead me to some good books and several hours of random history lessons on the Internet. And I was offered by Ishai Kalinovsky to read an ARC of his […]

  • Review Shots: A punch bowl of cartoon, watercoloring and a 30 day challenge

    Remember that new shiny thing we started last month? Not the Flyaway Friday feature, I know it is a fabulous. But the other one – yeah my way to overcome the long pending backlog of review books. Oh yes, we are making that regular feature based on the comments I saw on that post. So […]

  • Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets: Book summary

    Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets was one of those first few non fictions that I read years ago. While the book did not turn my life around, it helped me understand what kinda management related books I should pursue and what I should not.  Here is a quick summary of the book Warren Buffett’s Management Secrets so […]