How to Build a Heart – A book review

How to Build a Heart – A book review

Remember a few weeks ago, I was on a reading spree? Yup, the rare occasion. So I picked up How to Build a Heart by Maria Padian on Netgalley and even I was surprised that I finished it so fast. But was it good enough? Read ahead to know more. 

I picked up #HowToBuildAHeart by Maria Padian on #Netgalley and I surprised myself by finishing it so fast. But was it good enough? Read ahead to know more.  #Bookreview #review #bookblogger Click To Tweet

About the book

elgeewrites How to Build a Heart - A book review How to Build a Heart

Book Name: How to Build a Heart

Author: Maria Padian

Genre: Fiction – Romance

Characters: Isabella (Izzy) and Jack Crawford, Mami, Roz Jenkins, Sam and Aubrey Shackelton,

Setting: VirginiaThe United States of America

The plot

All her life Izzy Crawford has been moving between cities and she can’t wait to settle down at a house that she can call hers, with her hard working mother and younger brother. She has not still learned to process the grief over her father’s death in the Marines and moving away from his side of the family doesn’t help.

But her life is finally coming together. Izzy has made some new friends in her Catholic school, finds herself a spot in a cappella group and a hot and popular boy friend, Sam. Just one minor problem, none of them knows that she lives in a trailer park. 

Her best friend Roz, who also happens to be her neighbour in the trailer park, is the only one who understands her but Izzy’s mom doesn’t approve of her. And she has had a long time crush on Sam, which Izzy had known right from the beginning. 

So when the Habitat for Humanity offers to help them to build a house, she has a chance to make everything better. But that comes up with strings. You will have to read How to Build a Heart to know more about Izzy and her house building project. 

My initial thoughts

I was glad that romance was not the main focus of How to Build a Heart, even though it was a romance book. It is a family drama/reunion story, and I loved it as much. I liked the older females in the book and Izzy’s relationship with her newfound cousin. 

I didn’t like the main friendship in How to Build a Heart so much that I ended up not liking both Izzy and Roz. Izzy doesnt tell Roz anything and made it a point to keep Roz away from her life. And Roz in other hand was always mean to Izzy and literally threw a stone at her over a boy. Whoa! 

And they got over their fight so easily? Well, I didn’t buy that one at all.  Despite not loving the characters, I loved the writing style which was compelling and fast flowing. 

Things that worked for me

  • The writing was perfect and I didn’t put the book down even once. 
  • How to Build a Heart deals with difficult topics like poverty, racism, and grief and did a great job at it. 
  • I love a book with a good family reunion and How to Build a Heart has one!

Things that didn’t work for me

  • Izzy and Roz were both difficult to like right from the beginning. And it got only tougher.
  • I found it was difficult to adore Izzy and same, as Izzy had nothing in common with Sam.


How to Build a Heart is a coming of age tale of a Latin American girl that discusses economic inequity, racism, friendship and of course love. I will definitely look out for more from the author.

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Have you read this one? Are there books that you liked event though you didn’t like their characters at all? And what have you been reading these days? Let us talk. 

How to Build a Heart – A book review

Review Shots: It is all about family and friendships

It has been a while since I posted these review shots but here I am. I will be posting these mini reviews on the first Monday of every month, as per my old schedule. And I have a huge review backlog so I will utilizing this chance perfectly. 

This week I have three books that everyone, well almost everyone, I know has read already and everything that is to be said about them has been said. So I am gonna make them short and quick, a.k.a bite sized mine reviews. 

elgeewrites Review Shots: It is all about family and friendships SImon

Book Name: Simon and the homo sapiens agenda

Series: Creekwood #1

Author:  Becky Albertalli

Genre: Fiction – Romance, LGBTQAYoung Adult

Characters: Simon Spier, Martin Addison, Abby Suso, Nick Eisner, Leah Burke

Setting: Shady Creek, Georgia, The USA

This book put a smile on my face. I started to read the book just before I watched the movie, as per my usual rule. And I didn’t want to end at all.

Every character was freaking adorable and well adorable. It is a simple boy meets boy story with a hint of mystery angle in it. The writing was so perfect that I read another one of the author’s books. Everyone should read this one. 

I loved that the book asked the correct questions about LGBTQA, without being too preachy about it. It also spoke about friendship and family support.

elgeewrites Review Shots: It is all about family and friendships TAtbilb

Book Name: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Series: To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Author: Jenny Han

Genre: Fiction – Romance, Young Adult

Characters: Lara Jean, Peter Kavinsky, Kitty, Margot, Josh

Setting: Charlottesville, Virginia, The USA

I will be reviewing the whole series than each book, as I read them in one shot without stopping between them. I usually don’t love book series but this one bowled me over.

The story revolves around Lara Jean, an introvert who writes letters to her crushes to get it out of her system. Unexpectedly those get delivered to all those boys and hilarity ensues. The leads are so relatable and again family relationships and friendships form a big role in the series. 

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before is a a cute story that was converted to a Netflix film just a while ago due to the hype it created. And I assure you the film does not disappoint as well.

elgeewrites Review Shots: It is all about family and friendships Nordic king

Book Name: Nordic King

Author: Karina Halle

Genre: Fiction – Romance, Contemporary

Characters: Aurora, King Askel, Clara and Freja

Setting: Copenhagen, Denmark

Aurora is selected to be the new nanny for the Nordic royal family. She is from the Australian outbacks and is no way considered fit to be teaching the royal princess or to be the King’s new girl friend – or is she? 

Even though the plot is kinda predictable I enjoyed reading this one. I liked the family dynamics and the friendship between the kids and their nanny. Perfect for a cold afternoon read with cup of coffee. 

So how did you like these books? Do you do mini reviews on your blog? Do you like reading them? Let us talk about it.