Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

Hello people, 

The flu has finally shown signs of disappearing but has got me weak and tired. I even had to skip blogging for a while. But now that I am better, I just dropped in here to give a quick update on my week. 

Well, this week was spent mostly on bed, sleeping and trying to read between watering eyes and my runny nose. I was on Tamilfu which accounted for the sleepiness I guess. Anyway, I am better now and off my medicines. 

What I read this week

I finally finished my target of 35 books for the year and may even surpass it as there are two more weeks for the year end. 

And I also want to update that I completed the year’s A-Z Challenge successfully with One Part Woman by Perumal Murugan for the final O. Yay to me.

You can take a quick look on the books I read for this challenge and I will keep updating the links to my reviews as I write them.

On my blog

As for the Tidyathon, I created a new header and a color scheme for the blog. Let me know how you like them compared to my somber and professional colors earlier.

I hope I get to complete everything on my list before the new year. 

Here is a quick look on what I have been posting on my blog, this week.

My Sunday post on one where the flu took me down


My Monday review on Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu.


Around the blogosphere

I have finally gotten back to blog hopping, but haven’t had the chance to visit everyone yet. I will be there soon. 

Here are a few of the blogs I loved this week.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us talk

Let me know how your week has been. Do you have any plans for the weekend and how your reading challenges have been? 

Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu: A Book Review

It has been a while since I had a book that got me riled up like THUG did it for me. When I saw Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu, I thought it would be my ticket to reaching it again. Well, to know if it happened or not, you should read my book review of Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu ahead. 

About Moxie


Book Name: Moxie

Author: Jennifer Mathieu

Genre: Fiction – YA

Characters: Vivian, Seth, Claudia, Lucy

Setting: The USA

Plot Summary of Moxie

When the boys at Vivian’s school get away with their sexist slogans and actions, Vivian circulates out feminist zine called Moxie anonymously to bring the girls together. Her actions and ideas garner attention and soon the school girls walk out to support one of theirs claims. How Viv and her friends stand up to the toxic environment forms the rest of Moxie.

Book review of Moxie

Moxie talks about topics that are highly relevant today – feminism and rape culture. It highlights the importance of speaking out and the power of collective voice. 

I loved how the shy and obedient Vivian turned to be the voice of the rebellion and protest. The story may have been written for a younger audience but worked for me – to an extent. But then, the story also had its flaws that left me unimpressed. 

Things that worked for me

  • I adored the new and old female friendships that were formed during the story.
  • The messages on feminism and rape culture certainly made me worked up and agitated.

Things that didn’t work for me

  • Some of the characters were so one dimensional that they seemed straight out of a parody.
  • The romance between Seth and Viv was so forced and the book could have easily been romance free.
  • While there were adults involved, why the situation was never brought to their notice?


If you are looking for a book to help to start a conversation about feminism with your niece or nephew Moxie may be the one for you. I felt it was more of a middle grade book than a Young Adult literature. 

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Let us chat!

Have you read Moxie by Jennifer Mathieu? How do you distinguish between Middle grade and YA? Suggest some feminism books please. Let us talk.

Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

Sunday Musings #28: The one where the flu took me down

Hello Sunday

This week has not been any good for me at all. I have been suffering from the flu the whole time and they just confirmed it was the Influenza today. I have been put on the Tamiflu for the next five days. 

I somehow managed to post on my schedule but completely failed to jump around the internet showering my love through comments and likes. I have not even replied to the comments on my blog yet. Sigh. 

Coming to the brighter news, I will be participating in the Bookending Winter events’ Tidyathon hosted by Clo and Sam. I am planning to beat the flu by focusing on editing the blog for the new year. 

What I read this week: 

But on the other hand, I have had bit of time to read books lying on the bed between the bouts of cough and the runny nose.

  • Radio Silence by Alice Hoseman
  • Zookeeper’s wife, The by Diane Ackerman

And I also spent my time looking out for the final few titles to hit the mark of my 2018 A-Z reading challenge, without even using the Freebie letter. Yippie!

On the blog

In case you missed my posts this week, here is a quick recap.

Sunday Musings #27: One about the National day celebrations & the stunt show

National day

I published this month’s Review shots: Self help books for those who don’t read non fiction AKA the ultimate self help books starter pack on Monday.

Self help Starter pack

On Wednesday we tried to dissect How I Choose My Next Read? AKA. Finding A Method To My Madness and failed miserably.

Next read

On Friday I listed my top ten hyped books I have never read.. yet!

Hyped books

Around the Blogosphere

As I mentioned earlier I haven’t done much blog hopping this week but I wanted to share these anyway.

  • The whole book blogger world is raving about this spreadsheet template from Kal from Readervoracious. It definitely is worthy a mention.
  • I read this totally terrific post from Chelles Book Rambling by Michelle on Are we forcing diversity? and thought you should give it a read too.

I will be linking today’s post with Caffeinated reviewer’s Sunday post Meme.

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Let us talk

So how was your week and what are your plans for the weekend? Any advice for taking down the flu? Let us chat.

Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

Hyped books I have never read.. yet

I never seem to catch up with the hyped books train and when I do, I seldom like them. I think it is bane of my existence and I can’t get out of it. And the list of books that I have missed out is too long to even add in a list. But here I am attempting to do that. 

Hyped books Pin me
Hyped books Pinterest

So here are my top ten hyped books that I have never read. Some of them I may or not read in the future and some I would never read and I have divided them accordingly.

Hyped books I am never gonna read

10) Twilight Series

This is one I  may never even touch with a ten foot pole. I have read a few excerpts and that is good enough for me to make this decision.

Hyped books Hyped books Hyped books

9) Hunger Games

Well, the whole internet world had spoiled this for me, I know the story and I don’t want to spend an eternity reading books after books in the series.

8) Vampire Academy

Same goes for this one too.

Hyped books  Hyped books  Hyped books

7) Wonder

I saw the movie already. While I liked it, I have no intention to go through the same set of emotions with the book. 

6) Fifty Shades of Grey

Oh I am definitely staying off this one!

5) My sister’s keeper

Again, the movie was pretty much good and I have no desire to read the book.

Hyped Books I may or not read

4) Ready Player One

I started reading this and most of the references flew over my head. I might give it a chance some day again. 

Hyped books  Hyped books  Hyped books

3) Girl with the dragon Tattoo (Millennium) series

I have a thing against series, but this is one I have had my eyes on for a long time now. I might read it I think.

2) Me before you

I have been putting this tear jerker for a long time, mainly because I am so afraid it would let me down, after all the hypes I have heard for years now. 

1)Harry Potter series

I know. I know. Everyone has read this but I have not. I don’t read many series and I definitely do not wanna read seven books. Still, I may or not read this some day in the future.

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Hyped books

Let’s chat

So what are the hyped books that you have not read yet? Are they in my list? And why have you not read them yet? Let us talk. 

Sunday Musings #29: One about being sick and a sleepy week

How I Choose My Next Read? AKA. Finding A Method To My Madness

I think I may have a problem. 

No not the one with my having a never ending list of TBR books (is that a problem even? Doesn’t everyone have that?)

And it is not about feeling guilty about all the book reviews that are pending. But thanks for reminding me of that.

And the one about how I struggle with a book even when I don’t like it, without DNF-ing it? Great, This is exactly why I don’t write out what I think nor I have a conversation with the mini-me.

You know what, I will tell you guys myself! I am an indecisive schmuck when it comes to choosing my next read. And I used to think it was normal too, until I saw those beautiful posts on monthly and weekly TBRs. Well, as much as they inspired me, they broke me.

How I Choose My Next Read?

So I guess I need a system. FOR CHOOSING MY NEXT READ. That makes sense doesn’t it? I should not be wasting an hour or two of my precious time on deciding what I am reading next instead of reading it already. Especially with the tremendous growth I have been showing when it came to planning of late. It should be a cake walk right?

Next read

Let us get on with it, I will choose my next read right away WITHOUT WASTING ANYMORE TIME.

Method 1: Choosing the book (ARC – Advance review copies) that is closest to the publishing date.

Well, these seem obvious right? With planning and I being so chummy these days, I just have to choose one that is near the deadline. 
I never thought it was going to be this simple. Now I can just read!

BUT.. But I don’t feel like waging a war with the zombie right now. Maybe, I am in the mood for a romance, especially since it is winter and all. 

Let me check the Goodreads’ romance shelf.

*Ends up ordering two or three or ten books and spends the night worrying about how broke I am*

Next read

Method 2: Choose a book from the recommendations and reviews of your favorite blogger

Today is new day and a new beginning. Let me pick one book before I have my morning coffee so that I can start reading while I commute or run errands. 

Let us make this easy. Pick the one that your favorite blogger recommended recently. 

But which one? I have so many favorite bloggers and they have so many books on their recommendation. 

It is going to take a while, guys. Let me get that coffee first.

Next read

*Ends up blog hopping till it is dark, skipping breakfast, lunch and survives on coffee*

Method 3: Pick one that has stayed the longest on your TBR

I will just pick the one that I have in my TBR already. 

May be the one I added the first, like the First in first out. This method works so well for stocks in the stores, it should work me too.

OMG, I need to read THIS, I have no idea why I have not read this. It has been so long that I don’t even know where it is. I just have to find this on my shelf.

Next read

Well, that is a bust. I have no clue where it is. 

Method 4: Pick the one right next to you, literally.

You know what? I am just going to pick that random book that is physically near me and save the time instead of searching for one in these heap. 

But my e-reader has like 100s of books and it is near me as it should be as always. Should I pick that one up already? The ‘latest one I added in that’ makes more sense right? What am I if not the most sensible one!

Next read

I am going for it. And I am just going to ignore the hard copies and their beautiful covers. Like I care about them. Or do I? 

Method 5: Take a quiz or two

Sigh I give up. I can’t do this. I wish someone told me what to read. Someone like Goodreads but not exactly that. 

Something more personalized and more according to my mood. Maybe I will take one of those quizzes.

Next read

*Goes deep into the world of GIFs and food and never emerge out*

Method 6: My go to method for choosing my next read

I give up. I may as well pick something that is not on my To Be Read shelf. 

What did I say? OhMYGod. Thats it, I am picking THE book SHE recommended. I know it is not my TBR. but I am adding it now. 

But your TBR is crying!

Next read

Sssh! I am done with trying to be organized. 

I am a mood reader and bad at taking decisions and I accept it after I waste 3-4 days where I read nothing, almost every week. 

Well, if you have a system that works for you, enlighten me. Save my TBR! Let us chat. 

Next read