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  • November 9 by Colleen Hoover – A book review

    How did you like November 9 by Colleen Hoover? Did you have these issues with the characters or is it just me? Should I read other books by the author?

  • Daisy Jones & The Six – A book review

    I picked Daisy Jones & The Six mainly because Bookstagrammers kept posting raving reviews about it. Despite being recommended to pick the audiobook, I picked the physical copy. Did I make the right choice? Let us check how did that turn out for me, shall we? About the book Book Name: Daisy Jones & The […]

  • Bookish life of Nina Hill, The- A book review

    What is your dream life like? If you are a bookworm, I kinda think you will be jealous of the life of Nina Hill. I am not even an introvert and yet I was. I totally loved the book, the writing, as should every bookworm. Go ahead read to find what’s so good about The […]

  • Review Shots: Three hyped up books that didn’t turn out well

    You know I usually say I never read a book when everyone is talking about it, right? But I am here to show you that I have read some books at the right time. And of course, I forgot to review them right then, which is quite like me of course.  So in our new […]