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  • Why are guest posts important to indie authors?

    Writing a book is just a part of your job as an indie author. Marketing your indie books is a huge task that begins after you finish your manuscript and get it published. As an indie writer, it is entirely up to you to get the word out there and get everyone to hear about how awesome […]

  • Five websites for the unpublished writers

    The online lives of writers (published or not) is quite hectic, right? While you might feel the need to be everywhere, most of us do not have the time to do that. Some of our favorite guest bloggers posted on their marketing techniques here. But here are a few more websites for the unpublished writers, […]

  • Five Must Have Elements For Your Author Website

    The easiest way for a fan to check out an author is by hitting the Google and seeking their website. And when I receive a book review request through email from an Indie author, I do the same. I seldom accept a request without trying to know a bit more about the book and the author.  […]

  • Do you need an author website? (Yes! Yes! And yes!)

    As a book reader and a blogger most of my non reading and non blogging time go to stalking visiting websites related to books, especially those of authors. I am sure we all have that special author(s) whom we can’t get enough of on their social media and would love to know more, even when […]