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  • 10 must-have things on your coaching business website to improve conversions

    Who are your favorite coaches? How did you find their websites? Did I miss any of the must-have things on a coaching websites? Let us talk.

  • 8 Benefits of journaling for writers

    Do you like journaling for writers? Or have you given up writing a journal because of the pressure? What are your methods?

  • Paid to Proofread: Indie Guest Post

    It has been a hot minute since I had my last guest post by an indie author, right? But don’t worry, I am not going to make you wait any longer, for we have Sue Gilad writing about “Paid to Proofread”, which happens to be her book’s name as well. Let us get reading shall […]

  • Can beta readers steal your work?

    One of the major concerns for indie authors when hiring a beta reader is about the safety of their manuscript. Can beta readers steal my work? Will they publish my manuscript as theirs? Will they rip my beloved characters off me? These questions must plague your mind, and for right reasons.  As someone who is […]

  • Self-Publishing on Amazon: 4 Tips for Indie Authors

    Amazon has become almost synonymous with self-publishing. And if you are planning to or have already self-published on Amazon, I am sure you are always on the look out for more tips to reach the best seller list. Don’t you? Let us hear from an insider from the business, shall we? Say hello to Lucia! […]

  • Tips to writing poverty realistically

    I know it has been a while since we had an author speaking to us about the craft of writing and we have Beatrice who will talk to us about a topic that is very relevant today – writing diverse characters and poverty as a diversity factor. I will let Beatrice talk now! Say hello […]

  • Five websites for the unpublished writers

    The online lives of writers (published or not) is quite hectic, right? While you might feel the need to be everywhere, most of us do not have the time to do that. Some of our favorite guest bloggers posted on their marketing techniques here. But here are a few more websites for the unpublished writers, […]

  • Indie Guest post: The highs and lows of writing by Kathleen Jowitt

    Hello people, I am here as promised with the piece of news that I have been talking about excitedly for almost a month now. Yes, the series of guest posts from indie authors and relevant people from the independent publishing community is here! For the first edition we have Kathleen Jowitt talking about the highs […]

  • How do you manage your writing slump? (& ten tips to survive)

    Almost everyone I know and follow on the blog world is either taking part in the #NaNoWriMo or cheering for someone who does. I definitely am in the latter category and all am hoping is to not get stuck in a blogging rut once again. *knocks wood*. But as a writer, be a blogger or […]

  • 10 reasons why I hate your book – Part 2

    How often do you quit a book you do not enjoy? What makes you stop putting yourself through hell? When do you say “I hate your book”?