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  • Flyaway Friday: Getting To Know The Japanese Better

    What are your favorite things about Japan? Is there something that I missed? Did you know any of these Japanese phrases earlier? Let us chat.

  • Flyaway Friday: Books set in Japan

    I am so excited for this post. Yes let us talk about books set in Japan, one of the countries that I am kinda creepily obsessed about, under the Flyaway Friday feature. Can you blame me? What is Flyaway Friday? Ok let us back up a bit first.  On Fridays, I take you guys virtually […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Pack your bags for a trip to Japan!

    Isn’t it time for another trip already? You don’t have to actually pack the bags for the trip, bet you know that. But a little preparation never hurts right? So read along and you will find interesting tidbits about Japan to make our following Flyaway Fridays fun.  What is Flyaway Friday? If you are still […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Let Us Go Dutch

    And we are back on time for an awesome guest post from Dutch blogger under our Flyway Friday feature. Are your prepared with the basic facts on Netherlands? I also posted some books to take us virtually around the country.  If you like these posts, you might take a look at our previous trips to […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Let us talk about Netherlands

    It is Friday and that means I come bearing some exciting news about travel. Yes it is time to announce where we will be travelling for this month’s Flyaway Friday feature. So are you all ready? We will be travelling off to Netherlands. So if you are still wondering what we are upto, let me […]

  • Flyaway Friday: A trip to Philippines with a Filipina blogger

    Let us all pretend that today is the 32nd day of January 2019 and not comment about how I skipped posting our Flyaway Friday feature. Real life keeps tripping my schedules. Anyway I am here for my Philippines special Flyaway Friday! This week we have Jennilyn of Rurouni Jenni Reads talking about her life in the Philippines […]

  • Flyaway Friday: What Do You Know About Philippines?

    It is just one week since we came back from the holiday and the normalcy has not even set in. I know that. But I am already craving for another break. At least the Friday is here right?  And you know what Fridays mean right? IT IS TIME FOR FLYAWAY FRIDAY! We will be travelling […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Let us fly off to Italy

    Do you know that the “new shiny thing” is really a syndrome? I am positive that I might be afflicted by it. I am talking about the feature we started at the beginning of the year called Flyaway Friday. I know it has been a while since we visited France and Finland, so I guess […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Avoid Small Talk & other Finnish Stereotypes

    How is your weekend coming along and do you have plans for travels? No? Don’t worry join me in my trip to Finland under the Flyaway Friday feature. Wondering what this is about? We are taking armchair travel to another level, by learning about a country, reading books that talk about the country and now we […]

  • Flyaway Friday: Get ready to pack your bags to Finland

    Have your bags packed and ready to go on a trip around the globe on our weekly feature on ‘Flyaway Friday‘? Last month we took a trip to France and we returned safely, didn’t we? As you all know I am obsessed with snow and ice these days following my trip to Georgia, so I […]