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  • What Should You Read Next?: Quiz

    Do you like bookish quizzes? What should you read next? Have you read these books and how did you like them? Let us talk.

  • The Book Blogger tag: Behind the screen

    Have you ever done the Book Blogger tag before? If you have not feel free to answer these questions here or on your blog. Let us talk.

  • Tag: Behind the blogger

    I have been talking about my favorite and not-so favorite books and book related things here for a while a long time now. But how much I have divulged about me, the face behind the blog? Yes, I can hear it – I have spoken about myself quite a lot. And here is more. I am […]

  • Tag: My blog’s name in books

    I have been seeing this tag for a long time now and here I am finally trying to write my name with books from my TBR. So let us get on with the My blog’s name in books tag, okay? I hope it doesn’t turn out too difficult with all the repetitive letters, but hey, I like […]

  • Tag: Seven things I like in a book

    Let us be honest. Not all books are equal nor do they all make us weep or laugh with them. They all tell us a story but yet not all of them become our favorites. Have you given a thought about what are the things that make us like a book? I found this #7ThingsILikeInABook […]

  • Tag: Types of Memes – bookish version

    Don’t we all love some memes? I know I know. They are things that everyone hate or love and there is no in between and you can’t escape them, right? Okay so I was looking around for a tag that I have not done and saw this fun tag so I thought why not. right? […]

  • Sunday Musings #31: An Update On My 2018 Challenges!

    Hello peopleDid you guys have a merry Christmas and happy holidays? I will be visiting each one of you to check upon your celebrations soon. Weekly Update As I was telling you guys earlier, last week we had a staycation planned at Fujairah. I am showing a map so that you will know where I […]

  • Sunday Musings #30: One About Having Plans And Schedules

    Hello people, Christmas is one of my favorite festival, even though I don’t celebrate it. Especially since moving to Dubai I am doubly excited just looking at the huge ass displays they have at the malls and other central places.  And we are going on a three holiday starting tomorrow (read again: we don’t celebrate […]

  • Spotlight Sunday: #09 One with March wrap up and no other news!

    It is a new day, new week and a new month. And I am feelin’ good. Just like this one from MUSE. I am always excited for a new month, all the more for it is April – my birth month (is there such a thing anyway?) In India we had our school closing up […]

  • Spotlight Sunday: #08 One from when I found a new library  

    Hello people, I come bearing good news. I at last got my system got working again and had to completely reformat the hard drive. So I will have to catch up with all your posts and comments and I will get to that right away. I have been hinting during the past few (or more) […]